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The national hundred wool textile enterprises and merchants gathered sweater puyuan town for what? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-06-19
On April 18th, by Chinese wool textile industry association, China association of animal by-products circulation of China wool textile products fair 2018 ( ' 2018) In tongxiang puyuan sweater innovation park. From the national companies and merchants gathered puyuan wool textile cluster, supply and demand in wool textile products as the main line, build the industrial chain of effective docking convenient trading platform. Compared with the first fair, the exhibitors more, involving category is more complete, gather more fashionable element. It is understood that PRIME has brought together 2018 guangdong, hebei, jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, ningxia and other provinces, autonomous regions, more than 110 enterprises to participate in wool spinning raw material, yarn, fabric. Exhibits include sheep wool and cashmere and other special animal fiber raw materials and primary processing products, wool yarn, woolen fabrics, artificial fur, wool knitted garments and other categories. Total in hebei province, nangong, dongsheng district of ordos city of Inner Mongolia, bayinnaoer city and the right flag, shandong xintai city west ZhangZhuang Town, xinchangxian features such as wool textile industry cluster in zhejiang province also organizes a group to build regional brand, concentrated at the fair. 'Your garments with our chips, unlike other clothes! 'Early in the morning, from total Aaron di rand textile technology co. , LTD. , hebei province Li Yanqing tore open his throat, hard clucked their developed product. Not and in a short while, before his booth was packed with customers. This is a back to puyuan Li Yanqing head. His product is a chip which has the function of anti-counterfeiting roots wisdom. The benefits of the chip is that it can not only make ready-to-wear traceability, install it later, still can make real time control of the storage vendors or manufacturers. Li Yanqing calculated brushstroke zhang, let into the intelligent chip on clothes, and their development of the operating system, only two people will be able to manage a large warehouse, for producers to save a lot of manpower costs. In the morning, there have been many enterprises have reached cooperation intention with him. Hundred enterprises gathering puyuan, also let local enterprises opened horizons. In puyuan wang xin is runs a small sweater production enterprises, and learned that town to do exhibitions, and were weavers and equipment suppliers all over the country, he put down the job at hand, want to look good. 'I met eyes are interested in is to chat, I should turn in the morning. 'Said that wang xin is he especially bullish on a flat knitting machine developed by changshu enterprise intelligence, it can achieve the three-dimensional woven, help factory solve the problem of looping difficult. The deal also blended in more new fashion, diversified elements. Seoul Korea trade co. , LTD is based on the south Korean government program - 'Intelligent comprehensive fashion industry' to fashion design, fashion shows, on the basis of ODM/OEM cooperation in aspects of resources sharing platform. The south Korean fashion design of the exhibition center as Seoul Korea act the role of trade co. , LTD branch project, south Korean designer furiously for various products, currently has a design team more than 20, south Korean designer a total of more than 60, covering men's needle woven category clothing design, fashion oriented design, fabric pattern design, fabric development and design, can make sure that all the design requirements of the clients. Staff Wang Chong, said Chinese wool textile products fair collection is woolen fabrics enterprises, these enterprises want to merchants to show their fabrics, often with fashionable clothing more grab an eye, it gives them to a large market space. In addition, the waves of fashion, the silks clothing, fashion, gathering into focus on such as fashion sweater, sheep sheared and double coat design direction also blended in PRIME 2018 professional design company. Currently, puyuan is rapidly from sweater industry base, clothing professional market to the brand incubator cluster, highland shift to the fashion industry. According to puyuan town party secretary, director of wei-ming su is introduced, which is China's textile industry association named the first batch of Chinese sweater town, is also the country's biggest woolen sweater production sales center, every year from the woolen sweaters puyuan sold nationwide clothing more than 700 million pieces. In recent years, which aim to 'professional, vogue and internationalization' of development path, and driven by innovation, guidance and creative design, market promotion, brand extending continuously sweater industry value chain, promote the quality of products, brand and vogue, and gradually become the 'barometer' sweater industry innovation and development.
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