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The national a alone, what is the difference between a 'director of sell yarn' in shandong? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-19
On March 31 in the afternoon, a network called 'of the sell yarn' live in shandong province of industry and information technology the conference room of hall. Of industry and information technology in shandong province secondary hall inspector zhang zhongjun, appeared in the live webcast camera for textile enterprises inside and outside the province on behalf of greeting, introduction of shandong yarn. Heard of 'county', 'director of sell yarn' is the only one. There is no 'jia-qi li type' fun, cool background, no clicks must level, 'director of sell yarn' was sold for a solid volume. At 386 after media reports, the live broadcast of both companies involved, 60 key shows the shandong spinning enterprise, eight industrial buyers online to introduce the product demand, the whole, a total of 52 released the purchasing requisition, tentative reached 2000 tons. This time what is the difference between a 'director of sell yarn' in shandong? The public daily client revelation for you! Director-general of the yarn why sell? 'Our government is worried about you! 'Zhang zhongjun of live when it comes to selling yarn original intention. The world textile look at China, China textile in shandong, shandong is the largest textile, yarn big province. Nearly period of time, shandong textile enterprises to resume work on rules, but to return to work is not equal to production, the new crown pneumonia outbreak spread in the whole world, outlet pressure is more and more big. 'A large number of textile export orders at present facing a delay, cancel, default, don't pay, have to produce a product couldn't go out. Enterprise faced with the single, lack of less. In accepting the media visit zhang zhongjun, 'said. Nothing down, nothing up! Light industry ministry hall of shandong province textile industry, actively seeking new way for FangQi, they contacted the domestic textile industry professional Internet trading platform - — Import and the web in China, the textile industrial chain's source yarn industry as the breakthrough point, invited excellent domestic buyers online presentations, collect release order needs focus, professional, precise and in online live way pushed to enterprises in a timely manner. In zhang zhongjun live in words, is 'in the current situation in a new situation to seek a breakthrough, explore to expand the domestic market, exports to domestic sales. The director of 'live have what different? 'County' is B2C, sell of yarn is B2B, practical is the most characteristic 'of the sell yarn'. On the public network, the 'director of sell yarn' very low-key, reporter noticed to enter the studio need to fill in the data, the target audience clearly - — Mainly for the national textile and garment enterprises. Sell yarn 'director of the' scene is very simple, only shandong ministry, the general office of a hall in live, no fancy zhang zhongjun, interactive, only simple recommendations - — 'We are shandong yarn quality is high, category complete, shandong products, enterprises, or price believe can give friends in different harvest! 'But the' director of sell yarn 'prepared, sincerity full! Live in Texas huayuan, shandong Kang Pingna, Shanghai, zhejiang Jin Keqiao 'jie, dongguan, head of the search in the pl, fujian association of foreign languages and famous textile enterprises in the province of stirring, or purchasing list or share strategies to respond to the special period, the content is all essence, dry goods. In addition, the live five batch released 52 procurement requirements, demand list, contact phone list, online business card, become the biggest 'welfare' for shandong spinning enterprises, led to a lot of orders for offline clinch a deal. What is the big behind 'of sell yarn'? The 'director of sell yarn' the biggest bright spot is that it not only sells yarn selling concept. On December 24, 2019, shandong province, 'the provincial textile and garment industry intelligent technical transformation field advance will', when talking about zhang zhongjun, 'technical renovation to meet not only the capital obstacle, more reflected in the companies are reluctant to change, can't change, and want to won't change. '' 18 process, we developed a cloth has become our core competitiveness. '' we purchase 'extreme item is the standard. '' full marketing, the marketing network is our biggest characteristics. The broadcast of 'bosses' of the enterprise, have Shared their response to the outbreak of the 'business', for the textile enterprises in shandong 'baptism' is undoubtedly the concept. As the host import treasure CEO Wu Huijun say, the current situation, price war to be being washed out gradually, the enterprise only take the path of development with high quality and higher value added products, actively seeking external cooperation is the best way out. This to extend the industrial chain, shandong textile industry also has a closed loop. Propulsion conference last year, the reporter noticed that the shandong proposed is a main direction with digital, networked, intelligent, important way for technological transformation, the all-round intelligent digital transformation and reshaping of textile and garment industry, the line of live sell yarn is the transition in the beneficial attempt. A detail is, gentlemen, head of the enterprise speaking, zhang zhongjun has been kept doing the next record, especially when the enterprise mentioned their core competitiveness in the development of high quality, remember very seriously. Also released news broadcast, in 2020 China international textile materials conference program on June 3 to 5, held in jinan, build a larger platform for textile enterprises in shandong. Textile industry is a traditional industry is also walk in the fashion industry, as China web editor QuYanGuo said, 'of the sell yarn' 147 minutes of live to shandong textile enterprise convey a belief: 'we are under the guidance of the government help, and still can overcome the outbreak, the market, the enterprise management, a belief about the way. ”
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