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by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
On September 17, 2017 - 23, the standard seven big domestic market spot prices an average of 67. 2 71 cents/pound, the previous fall. 24 cents, in the same period last year fell 0. 89 cents/lb. In the week, the domestic spot market clinch a deal of seven 3280 packages, clinch a deal this year accumulative total 30478 packages. In the week, the domestic spot price fell, Texas area foreign inquiry, China, Indonesia and Pakistan, demand the best, the western desert region and covenant gold overseas inquiry light, mainly probing inquiry, pima cotton price stability, inquiry. 10 - south-east southern cotton yield loss 15%, lodging and blow of cotton leaves are difficult to restore, to trouble harvest, farmers are defoliation, individual regions have begun to harvest, Georgia and elsewhere will in 2 - harvesting and processing Around 3 weeks, boll opening rate had been fully; Delta sunny weather in the north, to help fast maturity of the crop, harvest is about to begin, boll opening rate is 50 - 70%,'s very ideal; Southern delta harvest in full swing, processing a small start, boll opening rate is 61 - 90%,'s general; Southern Texas Rio processing into the end of the Rio grande valley and coastal area damage below expectations, some were destroyed by hurricane MianDuo can still processing, transportation is still recovering, other area looks like the ideal of the crop, harvesting and processing will go smoothly; West Texas is ripening and parts of defoliation, have harvest, harvest after October 1, will be in full swing, disastrous debris flow to pull burke north region, short-term forecast to the region will have a very bad rain the weather; The western desert region of harvest is proceeded to continue; Other areas are to take off the leaves, too much rain delayed harvest season; Covenant jinshan is the first snow fall, figure, lake cotton has started to take off the leaves, crimped wire will start after the middle of October; Pima cotton with wind and rain, the temperature drops to take off the leaves and harvest continues to expand, crimped wire will start around the second week of October, there are three weeks of the growing season. The domestic textile mills for shipment in December 2017, 4 cotton has a small inquiry, good yarn demand, cowboy retail downturn continues. Us export cotton is good, the Chinese Taiwan area purchase the December shipment level 3 green cotton, the Turkey purchasing this year November to next may shipment of 4 green cotton.
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