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The harvest of the crop exports remain active - half Texas Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-10
On October 27, 2017 - On November 2, the domestic market of seven standard spot prices an average of 66. 92 cents/pound, rise in the previous 0. Drop 1 01 cents, in the same period last year. 22 cents/lb. In the week, the domestic spot market clinch a deal of seven 38785 packages, clinch a deal this year accumulative total 117707 packages. In the week, the domestic spot price is generally weak, Texas regional prices, foreign inquiry activity, the demand of China, China Taiwan and Turkey, the best gold price stability in the western desert region and covenant, overseas inquiry light, the pima cotton price stability, inquiry well abroad. Rainfall harvest slightly, in the American southeast after harvest continue to push forward the rise of temperature, around half; The cold weather in the delta, rainfall for field operation, harvest has completed more than half; Delta in southern cold rainy weeks later appeared, the quality of the crop may fall, coming to an end; Southern Texas basic end of harvest, processing plants are at full capacity, harvest complete 12 - around 32%; Slow in west Texas cool rain in harvest of the crop, cotton ginning mill processing populations; The western desert region of rain and part of the cotton is not yet mature, progress is slow; Covenant gold region to maintain high temperature, harvesting and processing smoothly; Pima cotton harvest to continue and yield more ideal, processing into a climax. The domestic textile mills of shipment in the second quarter of 2018 grade 4 cotton inquiry, factories and cotton are busy arrange shipment and delivery. American cotton export fair, in the far east for all kinds of low level and low-priced varieties have inquiry.
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