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'The gold nine' has to yarn can spring be far behind? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
Thousands are looking forward to, & other; Gold nine & throughout; Finally arrived. Markets also as you expected, finally ushered in the some signs for the better. Sept. 5, domestic C32S average closed at 20538 yuan/ton, compared with 120 yuan/ton last week to continue to fall. From above, and a half months before August FangQi production reduction phenomenon still, inventory is slow accumulation. However the second half with the downstream proofing orders slightly increases, the market sales are slightly better. Part of the early cut production FangQi recovered. But also due to the $300 billion at the end of taxation, inventories rose again, until at the beginning of September, only better. From upstream raw materials, since late August, domestic cotton and other textile raw materials prices and experienced a sharp drop in before, now, expectations of a stronger prices hit bottom. According to cotton ginning mill, spot to cost down close to 2000 yuan/ton. Many in the industry believe that cotton prices have hit bottom, recently has been down is down. So, for textile mill, at the current price of a stock, or will be the lowest cost. Many textile mills said, as the upstream raw material has stabilized or the yarn play a supporting role. Especially the raw materials are low range, the future up to down, is also the yarn to win the point. From the point of profit, if buy now FangQi now do, profits have profit, even up to 600 yuan, and if with the early cotton spinning, mostly FangQi remain near break-even line or slightly losses. It is understood that some FangQi implement low-cost fast forward strategy to be management current situation well. Part is not as poor as markets reflect FangQi benefit. For the whole market, many FangQi losses in 2019, the management is not bottom go to, failure, shutdown, BanTingChan. However, many people, but ignored the other part of the manufacturer, but in the smooth production, a good profit. According to the part of the manufacturer, the improvement of recent order is not particularly big, but the enterprise has been used on low cost raw material, yarn acceptable profit margins. Better management benefit, and some companies bring some momentum to market. Feedback and downstream weaving factory, begins in late August, the inventory of the grey began to slow down, though the inventory levels remain high level in nearly three years, but fortunately most of the dye house not easily raise dyeing fee, many of the dye house dyeing fee instead rise but not fall, the yarn, grey cloth product cost reduction is good, also is a big market of off-season enter the peak season. In recent months, both inside and outside yarn price. As of Sept. 5, FCY Index C32S Index closed at 21230 yuan/ton, down 72 yuan/ton from last week. In August the substantial depreciation of the RMB exchange rate affected by macro factors, currency makes imported cotton exchange settlement costs have risen sharply, imported cotton yarn manufacturers risk aversion is aggravating, careful operation. As the global economic downturn and a fall in the Chinese demand, the global price of yarn is also slow down. But it is worth noting that the recent Indian cotton yarn has a tendency to rebound, this is due to the Indian cotton prices this year on the high side, India S - at the moment Is this a dollar price in 72. 5 cents/pound, whereas Cotlook A index in 69. 65 cents/pound, this also is the main reason for why Indian cotton yarn does not fall. At the same time, high raw material prices led to a domestic spinning clothing industry has also been some impact, export is more serious, international competitiveness. To sum up, the downstream demand at present, despite its action, but obviously has not let go. FangQi, knitting factory is still in the stage of to inventory. But on the other hand, in the near future, though still have sino-us trade friction and tariff, continued yuan depreciation and environmental aspects of a lot of pressure, but also many FangQi in continuous efforts, especially at September, part of the factory orders, earnings have been good, after a long-term decline, after a storm comes a calm, yarn can spring come? Let's wait and see. D insein chemical fiber co. , LTD. , hangzhou remit the main long yarn fiber, polyester fiber, extension, add shells silk, silk blanket silk, store address: sp00016798. 过渡委员会。 com. Cn/welcome to click to view and purchase.
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