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The first China cotton textile technology conference will be held in wuxi - June Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
2019 the first China cotton textile science and technology conference will be held on June 14, in wuxi, the meeting in order to 'science and technology lead: under the new pattern of new opportunities' as the theme, by the national cotton textile science and technology information center, cotton textile professional committee of the China textile engineering society. The meeting with the main BBS and BBS, the BBS keynote report will break through the textile intelligent manufacture path, the common problems and implementation of green manufacturing technology present situation and the progress of cotton textile industry, cotton spinning enterprises realize automation, discusses the present situation and discuss topics such as continuous. Points BBS including 'science and technology intelligence collect' - — Cotton textile intelligence development technology BBS, and 'collaborative innovation' - — Industry chain development of science and technology quality BBS. In addition, the general assembly at the same time also has the first CCTTC cotton textile science and technology achievements and technology products exhibition, on display will focus on key areas of cotton textile related raw materials, production enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes of the latest scientific and technological achievements and the new raw material, the technology of yarn, fashion fabrics, new technologies, new materials, innovation craft technology products, technology output, etc.
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