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The east African community ( EAC) Partner countries have agreed to the textile and garment industry from tariff and VAT - three years Textile information - Textile net - Textile heald

by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
The east African community ( EAC) Partner countries have agreed to exempt clothing and textile manufacturers three years of tariff and value-added tax, the tax exemption involved products for local production input equipment, unable to get the fabric and accessories. The move is in order to promote the local production and reduce the cost of production. This is promote the development of textile industry, leather and slowing imports from the region outside of second-hand clothing, shoes and other leather products of one of the strategies. The east African community partners will now adopted a three-year strategy ( From 2017 - 2019) To phase out second-hand clothing and footwear imports. To achieve this goal, they will increase the tax, the requirement that importers of these products getting the import license for EAC standard and implement the classification of each bundle packaging import. The east African community set for cotton, textiles and clothing for four period of tariff structure so as to promote the veil and fabric production. Specific as follows: the area can't get raw materials import duties to 0, intermediate inputs is 10%, 25%, garment fabrics is 40% or $5 / kg.
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