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The current incidence of cotton seedling disease in Hebei Province is heavier than the same period last year

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
It was learned from the Hebei Plant Protection Station that since mid-to-late April, the main cotton planting areas in Hebei have had more rainfall than the same period in the previous year, resulting in the current occurrence of cotton seedling disease in some plots, which is more severe than the same period last year.  The weather forecast shows that there will be thunderstorms in Hebei Province in the next ten days. After the rain, the weather will be fine and the temperature will rise rapidly, which is conducive to the rapid reproduction of aphids and spider mites. Experts suggest that all localities should pay attention to strengthen the monitoring and investigation of cotton seedling diseases and insect pests, scientifically use drugs, and timely control. In the case of low temperature and rainy weather, the complexed mancozeb, pyraclostrobin and other agents should be sprayed in time. Article Keywords:  Hebei Cotton
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