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The currency devaluation - rising cost of imported yarn Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-22
Recently, the dollar continued to be strong, and China's trade surplus to reduce expectations, the reappearance of RMB exchange rate adjustment obviously, since the 18th April to June 21, has accumulated depreciation of more than 1900 basis points is over the past year and a half to the longest, the biggest round of dollar depreciation. On June 21, onshore yuan against the dollar fell below 6. 50 integer, January 11 for the first time. Continued yuan depreciation on China's export industry is certainly good, but several glad several sorrow 'and' import industry costs increase rapidly. Such as renminbi depreciation per 200 basis points, import yarn cost price will rise 80 yuan/tons, if the yuan continues to accelerate depreciation, so before the settlement of exchange of imported yarn trader, was 'eating' is not only profit, also loss risk. As a result, traders have also raised import yarn sales price, India 21 s yarn price 22000 yuan/tons, India 32 s yarn price 24200 yuan/tons. But the actual transaction, sales slowly. And because import yarn prices, domestic yarn prices also basic stability, minority rose slightly.
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