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The cotton mill inventory sufficient international cotton prices to rebound Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
Last week, a stronger dollar and commodity futures overall weakness in ICE futures running low. At present, the national textile mill is still inadequate, are now busy digesting inventory, at the same time hope that cotton prices to maintain the current level for the next fiscal year. The United States department of agriculture raised in 2019/20 global cotton inventories. American cotton decline in exports for several weeks, most mills inventory sufficient, wait to restock again next year. 2019/20 of global output is expected to grow 5. 4%, consumption growth only 2. 4%. In this case, the factory there is no reason to worry purchasing raw cotton. In addition, pure cotton yarn and blended yarn in several countries with large textile demand is restrained, the yarn price continued to fall, some factories don't get the order. Recent chemical fiber prices cotton prices to bring greater pressure. 2019/20 of the United States department of agriculture, according to the latest forecasts annual final inventory from the world to rise, inventory consumption than from 60. To 1% in 61. 67%. Therefore, cotton prices rebound in the next few weeks to a lack of reason.
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