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The bank aksu branch: to build textile city - 'oxygen to blood transfusion' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
Xinjiang aksu new jue textile co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'new jue company') Aksu region is a key cotton spinning enterprises, mainly engaged in cotton purchase, processing, textile, marketing and other business. In recent years, our company has successively introduced the textile apparel industry to create more employment opportunities, textile and garment enterprises policy measures such as special allowance funds management. To seize the autonomous region and aksu textile industrial city developing textile industry policy opportunities, improve market competitiveness, new jue company for a period of 300000 ingot air spinning OEA yarn production line project construction plan. Due to insufficient funds, the company apply to the bank aksu branch for industrial fixed assets loans for poverty alleviation. 2. 500 million yuan. After receiving application, the bank immediately transferred personnel set up the investigation team, the first time to arrange business backbone communication docking, on-the-spot investigation, in-depth understanding of enterprise production and business operation, financing needs and related project construction administrative examination and approval procedures, and so on and so forth. Then, the bank loan financing, work overtime to review the loan information, in the district, and county level 3 line joint propulsion, for enterprise's credit rating, such as project evaluation survey work, emergency increase capital scale at the same time, through the joint efforts, finally realizes the first 1. The smooth delivery of 2. 5 billion yuan loans, supporting the construction of the new jue company workshop, supporting infrastructure and spinning equipment purchase. After the completion of the project, but for the local document tent card poor about more than 600 direct employment jobs. Now for 15 cross tent card poor employment arrangement, 3 annual per capita income. 20000 yuan, realize the poor out of poverty, poverty. New jue, chairman of the company, said: 'the bank branch of aksu area exert positive policy financial functions, help our enterprises to solve development problems, to promote the textile enterprises to strengthen technical renovation and independent brand construction, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises in an all-round way, to realize the change of the big teams play a positive role. 'In recent years, relying on the cotton of aksu area resources and geographical advantages, promoting the construction and development of industrial agglomeration area, it is in this situation, the bank aksu branch actively implement the national industrial policy, take the initiative to enhance the support for the textile industry. This year, the bank by expanding the credit scale, the tuning the credit structure, innovating the mode of financing measures such as, to enhance investment in credit and support the development of textile industry, power industry out of poverty. As of April 8, the bank loans this year for examination and approval and textile industry 6. Issue 4, 4. 4 billion yuan, the total. 6. 6 billion yuan. The bank through the use of fixed assets purchase loans, issue 3 success. 1. 1 billion yuan loans, to support the aksu textile city water supply and drainage company stock purchase textile industrial city name operational fixed assets. , after the completion of the project can effectively activate the aksu city textile industry stock business fixed assets, promoting textile industrial city advanced textile and garment industry, trade logistics industry development, for the aksu textile industrial city in China cotton textile base, high quality knitting product base in China to lay the solid foundation. It also actively support corps of textile industry development, the issue too alaer spring textile co. , LTD. With 30 million yuan of industrial working capital loans for poverty alleviation, used for spinning raw material for enterprise procurement, are expected to drive the five cross tent card in the income of the poor, can be directly to increase the per capita income for the poor every year 2. 60000 yuan, play a role of power in the poverty alleviation engines.
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