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by:Chengyi     2020-06-22
Affected by the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the national textile industry exports facing a grim situation. According to yibin customs statistics, in January 2020 - In February, yibin in sichuan province textile industry 2 total exports. 100 million yuan, fell 6. 4% year-on-year, only 17 of the total cost of the export. 2%. Recently, the reporter walks into textile enterprises workshop of yibin city, sichuan province, found that the outbreak not stagnate, make the enterprise workshop machine instead. 'Good is not easy to have to return to work and production, only to find a global outbreak of the new champions league pneumonia outbreak, the company because of the outbreak to cancel order, at first, everyone thought the company layoffs, I even worry about big was laid off because of the age. 'An old employees Liu Dajie said the enterprise, but later proved their worry is redundant, the enterprise not only no layoffs, and doesn't even have wages down, making her more grateful to the enterprise, determined to do well, and companies spend the difficulties together. It is understood that the textile enterprises belong to wholly state owned subsidiary of yibin 'siyaku', all products is cotton yarn, including compact siro spinning series and vortex spinning series, 10 s - product specification 50年代。 As in previous years, the company's products in addition to domestic sales and exports. About 20% in 2019, the company product exports, foreign markets including India, Pakistan, Brazil, Bangladesh, etc. , the domestic sales market mainly distributed in coastal areas, such as Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong, fujian, shandong, etc. 'This year's outbreak has changed the sales structure. 'Says Zhao Maoyu, general manager of the enterprise, outbreaks have less effect on the production, on the contrary, because the company equipment process optimization, the textile machinery to further improve the spinning speed, compared with the same period last year, after return to work and production yield slightly increased 3 - About 5%. Impact on sales is very large, but the outbreak due to overseas outbreak, a large number of export orders cancelled, increasing enterprise product inventory, cash flow face bigger pressure. Therefore, enterprises to actively seek to break, one is external strengthen marketing, shifted, go as far as possible quantity and drained; 2 it is internally to further strengthen cost consumption control and reduce expenses; Three is positive for epidemic prevention and control government policy support, to early out of the woods. It is reported, there are more than 10 textile enterprises, yibin city, facing the are almost the same problem, some textile enterprises have shifted, but it can also lead to greater market competition. How an impregnable position in the competition of the next step? Zhao Maoyu said they except to strive to improve their own value-added products, and strive to improve product quality, the product perfectly. In this way, both foreign and domestic trade, will have a place, not be eliminated by the market. Zhao Maoyu also told reporters that they won't give up foreign trade customers many years, also should develop the domestic trade customers, developing the new and old customer maintenance. In addition, they also plan to transfer the foreign trade sales center of gravity to lighter or no outbreak of epidemic countries, exploring the original trade category of enterprise.
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