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Textile factory reopened rate was 80% to inventory reduction - cotton yarn to the price before shipment Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
According to our investigations in dozens of big small and medium-sized textile enterprises, large cotton textile enterprise on February 10 start last month was the first to return to work by the end of February, enterprise's resume work rate increased significantly, zhejiang, hebei, anhui and other places of business resume work rate reached more than 80%. Survey found that return to work earlier enterprises due to the community and country were closed and travel under the influence, and workers to the duty rate is generally low, some plant only at 30%. Then as & other; Charter by migrant workers return & throughout; And outbreak, workers to the duty rate gradually picks up, return to work and production of cotton mills also gradually increasing. And return to work is late arrive rate is obviously much better enterprise workers. Most companies are doing to prepare ahead of time, especially in workers could arrive for the investigation of found a few, leaving the company is in recruitment. Now basically is close to most of factory payroll number before the Spring Festival, capacity to restore basic at around 80%. Return to work after rehabilitation, order become the most concerned about. After the Spring Festival outbreaks from hubei wuhan to outbreak in the country, from the national epidemic control order began in the spread of the global trend, cotton, cotton futures prices also subsequently swings, haunt bosses. Facing overseas epidemic increase uncertainty brings to the export orders, enterprise mostly take slow ginned cotton purchase, accelerate cotton yarn sales, lower lint and cotton yarn inventory strategy. It is known that most of the plant raw material inventory level is less than a month, low of about 10 days. In purchasing channels, due to local cotton ginning mill's price will is stronger, FangQi most choose timing point trading futures warehouse receipt, reduce the cost of cotton. Some mills using two recent futures prices sharply lower even hit a drop stop as timely rob single more than 200 tons of level 3 double 28 lint, DaoChangJia in 12600 ~ 12800 yuan/ton, less than local cotton ginning mill to ChanMian quotation of 400 ~ 600 yuan/ton. On cotton yarn sales, although many varieties of cotton yarn after price 200 yuan/tons, but most of the manufacturers with the returns on positive before shipment, comb at 32 pure cotton yarn prices 19700 ~ 20000 yuan/ton, comb at 40 a pure cotton yarn prices 20800 ~ 21000 yuan/ton, the purpose of quick sales is fear of increased the risk by the epidemic around in the market. At present most plant cotton yarn inventory levels in about a month, basically some lower, most companies now have abandoned the & other; Yue four & throughout; Fantasy, adopt the principle of manufacturing-according-to-sale, cash is king.
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