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Textile B2B online trading platform: the mian mian net how to subvert the traditional transaction? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
As China's economy into the adjustment and transformation, our country textile industry faces both developed and developing countries the double pressure of competition, and in the face of such situation as the rising cost pressures, the traditional production mode to transformation. It is understood that at present our country textile industry more than twenty thousands of enterprises, more than 90% of them are private enterprises, the traditional trade pattern has been in an era of international competitiveness so boom, tends to decline gradually. The present situation of the traditional trade patterns? Supplier: product sales in the current conditions, the textile product promotion exhibition mode mainly depends on the region, in order to attract buyers. In the middle of the logistics links, supply region limit problems seriously affect the operation of the business trade. As the source of textile trade market - - - - - - - Suppliers, products exhibition is the only way to expand force, and to participate in the exhibition every year a large number of cost, pay the mall for a table, the salesman training and loss problem, and so on virtually a heavy burden to the supplier. Purchaser: & quot; Surface & quot; Hard to get for product trade output port of the purchaser, to obtain new fabrics can certainly improve for its higher market share. Due to the fabric products are greatly influenced by regional restriction factors, buyers tend to take several weeks to run back and forth in each place, an ideal fabrics & quot; Surface & quot; Is hard to find, is the biggest problem buyers. Nowadays, the high-speed development of the Internet is the most profound impact on all walks of life to change, textile industry how to make use of good industrial foundation, ride & quot; Internet + & quot; The express? Create & quot; Internet + & quot; In the era of textile new advantages, to establish a new marketing mode, is that many companies are thinking about. In the backdrop of the national development strategy of the whole Internet +, several traditional textile enterprise bosses, hit it off, and created a textile - online trading platform - - - - - - Mian mian, trying to break the inherent pattern of trade, to help enterprises adjust product structure, reduce operating costs, improve profitability. Mian mian nets, the first textile B2B online trading platform, online less than half a year, deep integration with traditional offline trading, for each big yarn enterprises increase sales channels to reduce inventory, making an important breakthrough. Mian mian net since mid-april online, at present, the business has extended to shandong, hebei, henan, jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui, guangdong, xinjiang, and other cities, category covers nearly more than 95% of the yarn, and many companies have been entering mian mian net, yarn trading amount exceed one hundred million yuan. In the early online, due to the introduction of the Internet technology and guide the innovative thinking, with a lot of customers don't understand and suspicion of voice, but with everyone on site the deep understanding of the function and operation process, gradually accepted the platform model, began to start the product on the website to show, online trading, sign the bill and other online transactions. Why is the mian mian net to subvert the traditional trading? Mian mian web online from a website is doing at the beginning of pure open online trading platform, not interfere in the trading process of the buyers and sellers, to maintain a good platform, in the service of enterprise, with all my heart. For suppliers, as long as have a certain production scale, can be directly registered member enterprise, fill the corresponding information to complete the enterprise certification can open a shop, upload products for their own independent Internet yarn stores, according to the website background update mechanism and yarn prices adjust to adapt to the current situation of their products, this is undoubtedly a line has been expanded sales channels at the same time, efficient and convenient to show the latest development of enterprise products in a timely manner to the customer, and all are free. For buyers, not only can let the seller take the initiative to contact transaction release purchasing demand, also can shop around needed to purchase the business products, mian mian network specially set up the professional search engine, the yarn specifications are classified according to the different parameters, convenient customer can quickly find related products on the platform, and then place the order purchase. Mian mian, so to speak, therefore, network focus on the quality of the industry resources, to provide high quality enterprise product display, provide new procurement for purchasing enterprise space, buyers and sellers can online communication, reduce the reciprocating process of inquiry, quotation, comparison, negotiation, implementation from the wish list to the direct conversion of the contract, shorten time, improve the working efficiency. At the same time, the introduction of electronic signature, convenient online electronic contract; E commerce, signing CCB through online payment channels, and support interbank payment, convenient save worry, online transactions will appear all sorts of problems, are solved. More open platform plate conform to the characteristics of the textile industry of various kinds of activities ( Such as group-buying activities, promotional activities, joint procurement, bidding, etc. ) 。 It is reported that recently, mian mian web website new facelift will be launched, optimized the yarn mall, promotional activities, group activities, bidding, joint procurement, leftover material bidding six business sectors interaction experience, realize the high quality cotton spinning industry chain resources integration, all aspects of present & quot; Cotton spinning industry, logistics and supply chain finance & quot; The service system. Everything, only owe the east wind, the only change ideas, innovation and development, to embrace the Internet, China's textile industry to get rid of the trouble.
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