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Texhong project in huaian - 'ten best impression project' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
Recently, huaian municipal party committee, municipal government organization to supervision to promote the city's major workplace projects during the first half of the counties in the city, park and put the focus on each project, comprehensive inventory. Through on-the-spot investigation, view personnel on-site evaluation, selected 'ten best impression project'. Texhong differentiation spinning production line project as the division area only. 'Ten best impression project' for new energy production projects in huaiyin district jun sheng, energy development zone sensitive AnXin passenger car production projects, xuyi was wheel production, jinhu county road Meg fireproof metal composite board production projects, they in lianshui county electronic science and technology, ecological tour area we yue square construction project, financial center construction project, the division area qingjiang pu texhong differentiation spinning production line project, huaian area liqun logistics construction projects, qingjiang pu area food expo center construction projects, etc. Texhong differentiation spinning production line project invested by store group. Texhong company general manager assistant Song Qingliang said the store group is the world's largest core-spun yarn fabric suppliers, ranked the top three cotton spinning industry, is the Hong Kong stock exchange main board listed companies, in the country has more than 30 production base, in Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua has large industrial base. Texhong projects with a total investment of 6. 500 million yuan, covers an area of 230 mu, total construction area of 100000 square meters, all projects completed and put into operation, after years of make out an invoice can be realized sales revenue of 800 million yuan, 40 million yuan. So far, texhong 1 has been invested. 5. 6 billion yuan on the original polaroid fine production equipment and office premises and auxiliary renovation and decoration. Texhong huaian co. , LTD. , the financial manager Shen Yanqun said, every plant adapted to spend about 50 million yuan. Texhong four workshops have all put into production, 1 - June sales of nearly 40 million yuan of make out an invoice. Store has been uphold the pursuit of customer value innovation and the core concept of rapid strain to meet customer demand. Texhong now committed to the development of flax blended yarn production process, the new technology will improve the added value of 10000 yuan per ton.
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