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Texas huayuan fashion week debut linkage lenzing interprets the 'ecological' unbounded - Textile information - Textile net - Comprehensive textile clothing

by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
On October 26, 2019, spring, summer, China international fashion week, the second day, Austrian lenzing group combined with a history of the 80th anniversary of the nine Chen Wen supply chain partners and jinding stylist, with 'limitless new life' concept for the theme, through static 'unbounded life space' exhibition and dynamic linkage of the concept of 'unbounded, live' show form, define the environmental protection fashion a new way of life. In this fashion week DHUB design remit venues, Texas huayuan ecological science and technology as an important partner of lenzing group company, a joint of other supply chain partners to participate in the lenzing tencel ™ new live unbounded life space and reinstall the appearance, to join the tencel fiber fabric made of clothing on display, from fiber, yarn, fabrics, design to clothing supply chain each link, expressed a limitless space dialogue. Lenzing group, senior vice President Mr Hu Jian said: 'as a high quality fiber production company, lenzing is in the forefront of the industrial chain, but we hope that with the industrial chain each link can maintain good interaction and communication, in order to better play a synergistic effect. Like this see Texas huayuan is our very good cooperation partner, lenzing modal, tencel brand lai self started to enter the Chinese market began to cooperation, with their strong innovation ability, we lenzing tencel brand wood dyer, lai self as raw materials in cellulose fiber spinning out the fine yarn, and combining the characteristics of various kinds of fiber to make a unique functional products, received many such as love, shu ya, lang with a line of underwear brands at home and abroad, opened up a unique high-end market. In the future, will actively boost lenzing partners in new product research and development work, help partners to better meet market demand. Hand in hand 'in the afternoon, lenzing jinding designer Chen Wen' TENCEL ™, Chen Wen & amp; Angel, HongHuang obsequious, YIYI KWOK spring/summer 2019 fashion show 'grace's launch in 751 d · PARK, the first workshop, six high quality textile enterprises such as Texas huayuan ecological science and technology, provide the latest research and development of environment-friendly fabric containing fibers ™, built the spring/summer 2019 fashion of tencel fiber ™ works. Different styles of fabrics and denim collision joining together, make jeans, leisure, sports, children's wear four series in this a fantasy forest trip unbounded fusion. As an important participant, the activity of Texas huayuan provides the shows of tencel fiber as the main material needle woven fabric, with its excellent comfort, and external performance, shine on the shows. Texas huayuan Li Yubin ecological technology co. , LTD. Deputy general manager, said the results as the activities of participants, harvest a lot. Fashion for fiber and fabrics to the terminal performance have a deeper understanding, and designers to communicate, more accurate understanding of the design ideas and the source, development and application to achieve precision. For the future of huayuan achieve market leading development, leading the differentiation of yarn in the expressive force of end products has strategic significance. 'And similar lenzing cooperation, this is just a new starting point, in the future, huayuan and Austrian lenzing company cooperate on more resources, common development, to establish mutual trust, mutual benefit, common development cooperation mechanism for market. 'Li Yubin said. Texas huayuan chairman fu-hua wang - Left) Took the lenzing group, senior vice President of Hu Jian honorary certificate issued by the current era, all the way of life to break the boundaries of originally, also destined to limitless extension of sustainable development, in the future, through practical action we will hand in hand to lenzing to Texas limitless interpretation industry and fashion of the unbounded, shoulder social responsibility, adhere to sustainable development, in order to satisfy people's demand for a better life to provide high quality products!
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