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by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
Pure cotton yarn season characteristic is not obvious, in April to slack season is market consensus, market to the market still have no confidence in May, some traders think the season is likely to continue in the second half of July and August. As of May 9, domestic C32S average closed at 22823 yuan/ton, compared with 35 yuan/ton fell again last week. Recent really flat yarn market atmosphere, still cautious market cannot alter, mills was thick, delivery businesses unable to common. Have learned mainly because the downstream demand is difficult to clearly optimistic, pure cotton yarn sales difficult to heat up, especially outside the single significantly reduced compared to this year. Inventory, since the middle of march, because the domestic market of pure cotton yarn has been on a downward path, the excess supply costs rise, sales and sluggish, cotton spinning mills inventory increase gradually, psychological increase shipment. In terms of the current market, the mills to inventory, orders, late manufacturer we intensified the efforts on shipment, local mills starts falling. Trade business confidence has fallen, the basic to pin into the deal. A few small factory unbearable pressure, selection on certain slightly reduced, the market overall probability slightly open. From upstream cotton, cotton prices continued to be strong in the first quarter, in theory, cost the firm support of downstream to a certain extent, but lost to demand insipid, centre of gravity is constantly cut cotton prices. Before the Spring Festival, due to weak demand, cotton prices were cut, after the market demand slightly better, but the peak season mood than usual, under in cotton, cotton prices rose slightly, in mid to late march, the cotton market is weakening. In April, pure cotton yarn demand continues to go light, the price down Yin, and outright decline. On May 5, national cotton reserves round out, companies bidding enthusiasm is higher, and solutions for the enterprise's need of cotton, pure cotton yarn market has played a good role for stable. However, the change of cotton resources supply structure, although the market has brought a bit of light, but the downstream demand downturn are no obvious change, plus the us-china trade negotiations over, most of the textile market cautious optimism. From the point of cost accounting, in April, cotton yarn overall benefit not beautiful, shrinking profit interval, early cotton yarn have been range-bound profits, in late march, a drop. After entering may appear many FangQi no profit to be made, or even losses. Pure cotton yarn market season is not flourishing, the depressed market, weak downstream demand side shrinkage is the main reason, and weaving factory and traders to avoid risks, wait-and-see mood is thicker. Knitting factory orders at present draws to a close, inventory accumulation, boot decline, cotton procurement volume continued to shrink, FangQi sale products remained unsold. As of May 9, knitting factory machine was low 5 over the same period last year. 5 71%, inventory is higher than the same period last year. 2 days. It is understood that began in late march strength weak, on the one hand is the insufficient domestic demand power, but more important is that export orders weakness, local even said exports nearly stalled. As of May 9, FCY Index C32S fold the renminbi spot price closed at 22594 yuan/ton, price drops and several domestic yarn. Today the middle price fell to 6. 7912, as there are below 6. 8 trend, as the most direct factors affect the cost of imported yarn pulling the import yarn of settlement costs. However, in just! On May 10th, 2019, 12 noon ( Eastern time on May 10th, 2019, 0 points) , the United States has put a $200 billion tariffs on Chinese imports from 10% to 25%. Afternoon the settlement of exchange cost or will rise further, outside dish the price under the condition of limited space, order is difficult; Downstream, hurting exports, poor demand for imported yarn, inside dish price to rise. At the same time, this round of tax to our country textile clothing export will bring great influence, in the long run is bound to speed up the order of the purchaser to southeast Asia and other places of transfer, promote the development of the textile industry in southeast Asia, with China's textile industry & other; Eliminates & throughout; In the situation.
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