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Take the yarn market rebound slightly downstream inventory loss - high order Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
Yarn market this week continued last week trend gradually warming, Sept. 11, domestic C32S average closed at 20518 yuan/ton, compared with the previous Zhou Wei 23 yuan/ton. Recent good news both at home and abroad, such as the two sides agreed to in October to a new round of trade negotiations, market optimism boom; The People's Bank of China comprehensive down 0. 5%, the release of about 900 billion yuan stable long-term capital market; Powell, chairman of the federal reserve comments to further consolidate the from all walks of life's expectations of the fed's rate cut in September; On Tuesday, all of a sudden trump & other; Fire & throughout; Off the national security official bolton, suggest the government's foreign policy or more & more other To utter & throughout; And less & other; Hands-on & throughout; ; Even today early in the morning, announcing on twitter that trump, as a gesture of goodwill, his $250 billion will be imposed on the decision of the high tariff postponed to October 15, and so on. Received so many good news, plus & other; Golden nine silver ten & throughout; Just need to release, the prophase of weak cotton spinning industry is expected to usher in a short recovery. From the above it can be seen that the yarn inventory has dropped by nearly 30 days to 24 days or so. But good macro news to reaction in the market still need to wait for time. At present many FangQi said that although orders compared to an increase in August, but it is still faced with smaller orders, poor capital turnover and workers more loss, and so on and so forth. Now, go to throw inventory is the priority of most enterprises. From the point of upstream raw materials, a series of macro news with xinjiang cotton region most encounter cold rain weather, zheng cotton rebound was the first to open mode, CF2001 contract once 13000 yuan/ton archives mouths on the site. The spot with futures pace, also gradually pick up this week. But this year cotton ginning mill generally delayed seed cotton purchase, which leads to the time to market of the crop. And because national cotton reserves has entered the wheel out of the last month, since the 1st volume remain above 90%, 100% in recent days is continuous to clinch a deal. Investigate its reason outside three points: first, the state reserve cotton cost-effective and meet the practical demand for cotton mill; Second, although the market is not very desirable, but FangQi common raw material inventory is low and spinning profit is good, if not increase inventory, one thousand crop not listed in time, probably after cotton short; Third, national cotton reserves do not need to move the library and other formalities, can meet the demand of enterprise periodic capital. Look at the downstream fabric market, different from that of cotton and cotton yarn market, pure cotton cloth market trading atmosphere in September from August improvement is not obvious, knitting factory, lack of confidence. Knitting factory inventories falling slowly, although recent shipments improved, but the inventory is still high. This week 32 pure cotton prices fell below 5 yuan/m, even a new low calendar year. For the coming Mid-Autumn festival, part of the knitting factory arranged for a holiday, and holiday conditions increase from last year. Inventory in April this year in terms of knitting factory stock began to increase, to cotton June inventory is higher than the same period last year. According to usual practice, in the middle of August began to knit factory stock gradually decline, this year, at the same time weaving factory inventories are still high, early September with the real single implementation and knitting factory preferential shipments at no cost, knitting factory inventory pressure to release, as the current cotton inventory from last year is still high. Overall, macro disturbance events there is still uncertainty, but getting better, cotton spinning industry chain upstream warming has been given. But the boom of industry has not been reversed, FangQi inventories remain high, obvious supply on the market, to the inventory will be a long process. However, despite this year & other; Golden nine silver ten & throughout; In short supply situation is difficult, but with just need to release, pure cotton yarn market is expected to boost, trading or can have a brief better. And because of the erosion of downstream part order of southeast Asian nations increased, combined with the domestic macro economic downturn, knitting factory orders in September is expected to recover.
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