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by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
In the latest week, affected by the international crude oil prices plunged, Pakistan's polyester staple fiber prices continue to fall, yarn prices continue to lower. 1. 4 d polyester staple fiber spot prices fell 10 rupees to 184 rupees ($/ kg, or 3. 15%. At the same time, the import of Chinese polyester staple fiber prices 1. $10 / kg, imported polyester staple competitiveness has improved significantly. Pakistan's domestic manufacturers continue to enjoy high profits, in the short term price reduction space is very large. Because of falling prices, Pakistan's domestic demand for polyester staple fiber is very active at present, factory rates rise sharply, for a few months after polyester staple fiber prices support. In the latest week, Pakistan blended yarn and polyester viscose yarn prices also with the domestic and foreign markets fell sharply, domestic 30 blended yarn fell four rupees/pounds, 30 polyester viscose yarn fell 6 rupees/LBS. Influenced by increased supply and cotton prices, Pakistan cotton yarn domestic prices and export prices also showed signs of weaker. Pakistan viscose staple fiber and viscose yarn price along with the international prices continue to fall. At present, the new government to solve the problem of textile industry energy supply for the export-oriented enterprises cut prices, could help factory improve the odds, the recent cotton yarn supply is expected to increase.
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