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by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
Behind the glamorous fashion yarns, fabrics, there are many little-known environmental concerns: raw material production to environmental damage, textile printing and dyeing process of environmental damage, and so on. Fortunately, some social responsibility consciousness strong technology company, has already begun to make a difference, emerged many great technological achievements, promote the sustainable development of the industry. Zhangjiagang suntory, dyeing and finishing technology co. , LTD. , formerly a traditional dyeing production enterprises, in 2008 began to transformation and upgrading, has become a core technology with independent of yarn dyed r &d and production enterprises. Suntory has more on additives, process, mechanical and electrical system, realized the yarn dyeing for the first time in domestic zero discharge of the whole process, at the same time, the conventional dyeing with fancy one, produced a series of pad dyeing, dyeing, jet dyeing combined distinctive individuation, differentiation of fancy yarns, opened the creative design of infinite space. For ecological design and color yarn, suntory, the main products include cotton, wool, silk, linen, viscose fiber pure yarn and blended yarn, the zero emission ecological dyed yarn, such as the zero emission ecological dye colour cattle yarn, zero emissions, ecological spray the hazy yarn, zero emission ecological spray colorful dyed yarn, zero emission ecological color yarn dyed paragraphs, etc. , a high degree of innovation, integrated with 11 authorized invention patent independent core technology; Dyeing process for water discharge, discharge waste water, COD and the clean production standard textile industry ( Cotton dyeing and printing) Compared to the international advanced level of clean production, fell 98%, 99% and 99% respectively, and ultimately all traces of waste water produced by distillation recycling, realizing the zero discharge source water saving and wastewater, energy-saving, environmental protection effect is obvious; In addition, the yarn has strong visual impact, use these yarn fabric preparation by high grade, stereo sex strong, soft, bright color, good color fastness, can be used to lead market consumption trend of creative yarn-dyed fabric. L zero emission ecological dyed yarn colour ox & ndash; — By the pigment dyeing yarn l zero emission ecological spray dyeing hazy yarn & ndash; — Yarn with hazy the spray dyeing pattern effect of quietly elegant, color points off l zero emission ecological spray colorful dyed yarn & ndash; — Yarn with colourful spray dyeing effect, the color point does not fall off the l zero emission ecological color yarn dyed paragraphs & ndash; — Yarn with multiple color dyeing effect
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