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by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
Import yarn sales & other; Pressure & throughout; Source: China cotton net 2019/5/17 12:45:37 editor: KK nearly two days, Qingdao, Shanghai, guangzhou and other ports of cotton yarn traders have feedback & other; Import yarn sell motionless throughout the &; Bonded, customs clearance, the price of Indian yarn, yarn in Indonesia, Vietnam and so on to see goods, shipments clearly show decline, some for 7 - weaving mill, middlemen Signing August shipment import yarn inquiry, but growth is not prominent. The industry analysis, on the one hand, with the main ICE period cotton contracts break 70, 68, 65, such as integer, outer cotton spot prices also will plunge ( On May 13 - 15, the far east port EMOT/MOT Lord, SM cotton, SM west African cotton, S - Brazil 6 all fell to 77 -, etc 78. 5 cents/lb) , cotton mills in the decline of the raw material costs, yarn FOB and CNF price will also be violent correction; Bonded, customs clearance, on the other hand, under the influence of cotton yarn in high cost and depreciation traders cut like quotation & other Toothpaste & throughout; , less attractive to the buyer; Another two weeks zheng cotton drop stop board cause 2018/19 spot, overall national cotton reserves price cut more than 1000 yuan/ton, so. ltd, garment factory is generally believed that domestic yarn will depreciate tide, which will import yarn of the dollar, the yuan price back to prototype. From the survey, as of mid-may, Qingdao, ningbo, guangzhou and other port imported yarn inventory is bigger, the bonded library not only individual position is good, fast delivery & other; Yarn packed & throughout; , plan and storage charges increase. One is the yarn in Pakistan will be zero tariff into China, therefore, exporters and Chinese traders of Pakistan cotton positive operation, Pakistan shipment yarn; April 2 it is to arrive at the port of cotton yarn shipment, such as India, Vietnam clinch a deal amount increases obviously with imported yarn delivery, low overlay, aggravating bonded, entrepot storage pressure. In April, according to some large and medium-sized traders estimate yarn imports totaled 20 - arrival at Hong Kong 220000 tons, more than 10% year-on-year growth, cotton yarn sales is & other; Pressure & throughout; ; For more than three is nearly a week, domestic yarn price cut 300 - as a whole 500 yuan/ton, cotton & other inside and outside; Upside down & throughout; Range expanded to 400 - 500 yuan/ton ( CY2001 disk price low 22140, from the lowest point since the middle of May 2018 just short of the 21840) , such as India, Vietnam origin falling cotton competitiveness.
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