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by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
Recently, due to the poor downstream consumption to boost the yarn. So far, yarn prices remain weak, individual small down. This directly affect the textile raw material inventory situation this year, many companies still stuck in inventory season, market chill is thicker. A, pure cotton yarn order less, manufacturers to maintain low price. According to many textile mills hebei shangdong and henan province area, the conventional yarn still not see obvious improvement, including OE8S - OE16S yarn, combed C21 - C32S yarn by the outside impact is bigger, the enterprise maintain cost line sales. As of November 6, a factory in hebei OE8S, OE16S price respectively is 13000 yuan/ton, 13600 yuan/ton; , comb C21S C32S price respectively is 19200 yuan/ton, 20300 yuan/ton, the price is a week before the fluctuation is not big. Actual transaction process, manufacturers generally have about 100 yuan/ton on behavior. Similarly, recent above 40 s and comb, JC32S and above high combed yarn sales continued weak, weak market. According to market feedback, the Yellow River basin area high comb with 40 s price is in 22500 yuan/ton, combing C32S offer near 22600 yuan/ton, combing C40S prices in 23800 - 24500 yuan/ton range. At present most of the textile mills to maintain low capacity utilization, finished goods inventory is not high. According to the analysis, the recent negative still dominate, pure cotton yarn or wandering will remain low range. 1, recent fabric prices remain low stability condition, difficult to boost upstream yarn price. In China light textile city fabric market, for example: as of November 6th, youth cotton cloth, 32 s * s width 145 cm) Prices in 10. 80 - 11. 50 yuan/meters; Specifications ( Width 145 cm 40 s * 40 s) Quotation in 12. 00 - 12. 80 yuan/m, maintain stable low recently. 2, the yarn. According to feedback traders, recent conventional yarn selling price reduced to 100 - both inside and outside 150 yuan/ton, grey cloth, traders grip from guangdong, Qingdao port cargo or sign up at sight giant Vietnam, India brand yarn, yarn for domestic form a larger pressure. Part of 3, recently a lot of cotton yarn count the cost down. We have learned, mid to late October zheng cotton and rising spot open mode ( CF2001 contracts from 11970 yuan/ton rose to 13215 yuan/ton, up 10. 4%) , southern xinjiang & other; Double 29 & throughout; Hand picking cotton sales quotation also from 12500 Soared to 13400-12600 RMB per ton 13500 yuan/ton ( Heavy settlement) And no profit or production and marketing of domestic cotton & other; Upside down & throughout; And companies in trouble. To sum up, will also continue to pure cotton yarn of the bitter days. As an enterprise, also need to continue to lie to pay compensation. Second, polyester yarn, sustain the weak, individual small down. As of November 6, jiangsu and zhejiang area of polyester/cotton yarn 21 s 65/35 the price is in 15500 yuan/ton; 32 s near 65/35 the price is in 16000 yuan/ton, the overall price fluctuation is not big. According to the part of the vendor, however, due to the downstream demand is not big, enterprise keep half production status, up recovery more difficult. Pure polyester yarn also remain weak. As of 6, some factory in shandong 32 s 13800 yuan/ton (polyester yarn of this journal Tax included) , compared with the previous week the price no change, sales well, big can negotiate according to quantity. According to the analysis, it is a recent polyester short market, drag on the yarn. As of November 6th, for example, huaxi village in jiangsu polyester staple fiber price fell, 1. 4 d * 38 mm polyester staple fiber at 7060 yuan/ton, compared with 28 October price dropped 60 yuan/ton, sales well, big can negotiate according to quantity. The second is the enterprise high inventory status. “ High inventory & throughout; This year has become a high frequency vocabulary, lead to big overcapacity weaving business inventories high this year, polyester yarn by this drag, lift up more difficult. Three, cotton yarn to raise up more difficult. As of November 6, some 30 people s cotton factory in shandong the white to 17500 yuan/ton ( Tax ex-factory price) , compared with the previous week the price no change, sales fair, clinch a deal amount more than a little discount. According to the analysis, the weak market of pure cotton yarn, polyester yarn, cotton yarn is expected in the near future people will remain weak. As an enterprise, therefore, to understand the present situation, careful management, caution is ship in ten thousand.
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