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by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
News media, over the past week, On March 8 - 14) , India cotton prices fell sharply, cotton prices fell slightly. India PSF prices stable, polyester prices have gone up. According to statistics, over the past week, S - India 6 price dropped 300 rupees/camp to 41000 rupees/candy, fell by 0. 7%, ludhiana C30S market prices fell 1 r to 199 rupees ($/ kg, mills production profits recovered. In the past three months, India C30S prices rose 4. 7%, while Pakistan gained 6. 6%. Due to continuing weak rupee, Indian cotton remained relatively strong competitiveness in the international market. Now India cotton export prices are still in a state of high stabilization, JC30SFOB export price 3. $35 / kg, on China's export prices rose 2 cents per kg. Blended yarn, the PSF prices and rising of RMB exchange rate affect China and India terylene fell sharply, T65 / C35 30 s price down 7 cents per kg, fell by 2. 5%.
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