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by:Chengyi     2020-07-11
At present, all over the country actively new crown epidemic prevention and control, through the efforts of the society from all walks of life, prevention and control work has achieved good results. Around with the recovery of economic and social order, cotton textile enterprises gradually return to work rehabilitation. China cotton textile industry association resolutely implement the deployment of the CPC Central Committee decision, rite and responsible, and actively participate in epidemic prevention and control of the industry, service industry economy development at the same time safe, orderly and steady recovery. Therefore, for the vast number of cotton textile enterprise put forward the following Suggestions: a return to work and the epidemic prevention and control of the security work before first, do a good job back personnel information statistics, follow closely grasp the dynamics of each employee and health, set up necessary isolation; Second, ready for early outbreak the required protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, temperature gun, disinfectant, etc. , do a good job in the prevention and control work supplies; Third, to the factory area, especially the closed personnel concentration areas such as elevator, canteen, etc. , more frequency of disinfection, ensure that environmental health and safety; Fourth, improve the working mechanism of prevention and control, and strengthen the worker health monitoring, if there are any abnormal temperature ( The forehead temperature 37. More than 3 ℃) Report, shall not enter the factory, registration, do a good job in isolation immediately to fixed-point fever outpatient treatment at the same time; Fifth, businesses use publicity column, bulletin boards, WeChat group, unit site to carry out a variety of forms such as new crown pneumonia and respiratory infectious disease prevention and control knowledge health education; Sixth, actively to the government departments reflect problems of epidemic prevention work, strive for the local government policy support and create favorable conditions for the return to work. Second, the clear plan and arrangement, in order to resume production in ensuring that the epidemic prevention and control under the premise of not lax, establish strict epidemic prevention system, strict internal management, in order to resume production. A classification of partial return to work and production to plan as a whole, their priorities right, according to the researchers returned to the factory situation and practical production conditions, gradually improve production load; Second, the cotton textile production process complicated, long process, strict management, each process combined with the current epidemic prevention and control a difficult task, more should pay attention to the 'embroidery' fine management, epidemic prevention, to return to work both hands to grasp, both hands to hard; 3 it is to implement good scheduling system, avoid the shortage of workers to work overtime overwork; Four is a special period of the production and business operation plan, consider input and output efficiency, ensure the normal and healthy operation of main business; Five is to ensure the normal operation of cash flow and optimize the product structure, full use of the new tools, improve production efficiency. Three, and to scientific market, clear development plan in the disease under the new situation, the operation of the cotton textile industry in China is affected by a certain, but the industry high quality development will not change, the trend of the development of the intelligent will not change. In the short term, the enterprise will face a shortage of consumption, price expectations is unknown, logistics problems such as low efficiency and capital chain risk; To face the challenge, the enterprise should be scientific market dynamic, timely attention to the raw material and product prices, balance of supply and marketing, scientific management of inventory, do not raise prices, do not hoard inventory, maintenance industry running smoothly; At the same time, to ensure the health and safety of capital chain, for the new project investment, each enterprise should according to the macro situation and trends of epidemic situation, combined with their own situation as follows, for those routes. Four, the confidence to develop, uniting the internal work ready by the outbreak, highlights the textile people united together to resist the plight of determination, in under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, under the support of the whole society, beat the outbreak, the industry confidence. This association called for all cotton colleague, cohesive forces, give full play to the enterprise initiative, make contributions to fight the epidemic prevention and control war. At the same time, in the face of challenge, also want to stay awake, to grasp the opportunity, actively explore innovation, strengthen enterprise intelligence, information technology upgrading, and improve enterprise emergency management capacity, etc. , as in the supply chain management, information technology application, and data platform construction, etc, the upstream and downstream special period, enterprises should intensify improvement internally, arrange production and scientific development plan, to meet the market's full recovery on standby.
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