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by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
Will buffer software installed on the device, for all the real-time data can be transmitted to the spinning machine, the buffer personnel for riding a battery car, carrying the shuttle buffer in the workshop. The combination of storage battery and the tablet can make buffer personnel on the storage battery for real-time understand the status of yarn breaking under the machine, at the same time buffer personnel can be buffer work for the entire drive storage battery. This not only makes a scotch people look at the Numbers reach 8 ~ 10 m, compared with the traditional buffer, efficiency increased by 50%, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of scotch. This is the best group investment in ningxia spinning mill production scene rendering. On March 15, China international textile fabric &accessories ( Spring and summer) Fair, China international clothing fair 2017 ( Spring) And China international home textiles and accessories, Spring and summer) Fair, China international textile yarn ( Spring and summer) The exhibition and China international knitting ( Spring and summer) Fair, five professional exhibitions, at the same place and at the same time, at the same time, with more than 350000 square meters, nearly 5300 exhibitors of super 'fleet' in the national convention center ( Shanghai) Be held. Smart textile and apparel is a bright spot on the exhibition. Industry insiders said that in the face of the global economic downturn, the situation of weak market demand, further promote the transformation and upgrading of China's textile and apparel industry, intelligent manufacturing is quality, and the efficiency of textile and garment industry in China inevitably choice. China international clothing fair 2017 ( Spring) A total of 1213 companies, respectively from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, China, China Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Britain, Spain, Peru, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, India 21 countries and regions. Galleries in leading enterprises gathered in the men's wear, bono, farce seal, such as love, a brand with 'industrial 4. 0 'brand of science and technology, fort parker dragon, shandong ruyi, red bean group took out industry connected intelligent innovation. The personage inside course of study thinks, when 'made in China 2025' in ten years to change the curtain, smart, fashion for the textile and garment industry, is no longer a dispensable street scenery, but the phoenix nirvana of subversion and reconstruction. At present, the development of textile and garment industry in China from made in China to created in China, from the allocation of resources to the depth of the innovation-driven transformation. To promote informatization and industrialization depth fusion, speed up the promotion of intelligent manufacturing has become China's textile and garment industry to cope with the inevitable requirement of a new round of technological change. Exhibitors believe that China's labor advantage, no longer rising cost of garment enterprises, g. through intelligent manufacturing to enhance the competitive power of textile and apparel products, including the increase of new products, improve product quality, create a new brand. This would require the enterprise from the apparel industry chain, including cutting bed machine, automatic drawing machine, sewing machine, template, the respect such as manual operation to improve the intelligent level. Dali silk, tianyi textile, beijiang textile, ruyi digital, wuxi textile companies such as constant, bring a series of both functional and comfort and fashion sense of innovative products, and the organic integration of new technologies, to lead the development direction of the future. The exhibition 'the interactive space' select nowadays industry the most popular subject of science and technology set up special areas. A series of special fiber products make people overwhelmed, these 'come' a new type of fiber after several years of development, more ground, product technology is updated, not only the performance to be more perfect, more cater to consumer demand, and more wide prospect of market. Some of the leading business intelligence faster pace. Such as the best in yinchuan have clothing factory, the production of a suit from the parameter input to store clothes need only three hours. Ruyi is building a machine, in stores, consumers after entering through the laser scanning can be swept into the tens of thousands of data. The data sent to the corporate design center, the design team can be in accordance with the relevant data for consumers to design four sets of suits, spring, summer, autumn and winter four sets of casual wear, then push on to consumers of mobile phone APP. The industry of the famous red collar group transition in faster. Recently, Chinese famous brand, China famous trademark, inspection-free products, and many other national honor red collar, in the moment of fame suddenly applies for the cancellation. Chairman zhang agent, said the new company called intelligent co. , LTD. Qingdao cool, 'red collar' in the future will be just as cool, Cotte) Customization platform owned by one of the brands. Agent with particular emphasis on zhang, this is by no means a simple name change, but the radical genome - — It overturns the traditional organization model, process model, profit model, and transformed the traditional clothing enterprises by a platform of ecological network science and technology enterprise, its mission is to provide the traditional manufacturing enterprises 'Internet + industry' solutions, flexibility and customization of reform. Zhang agent, as well as thousands of traditional manufacture enterprise, such as the red collar not fundamentally change, keep pace with The Times, there would be no better future.
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