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by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
Warping beheaded, namely for the warping machine during normal winding yarn breakage. Evaluation index of warping beheaded is & other; The root is over severed head count & throughout; , i. e. , a number of warp broken ends within one million meters length, on the basis of different fabric structure, contrast when cone yarn broken ends in the process of warping machine unwinding special, not only affect the efficiency of the warping machine, increase the machinist's workload, but also increase the cloth cover defect, adverse impact on the fabric, as the sale of yarn spinning mill may be lost because of this order. Warping beheaded problem, therefore, very important, common adhesion beheaded, casting off beheaded, layer or waste beheaded, problems such as irregular break, to suit the remedy to the case corresponding solution measures. A problem is the broken ends adhesion, adhesion break yarn unwinding entwine together and cause beheaded, generally broken when cone yarn diameter is larger. Reason is the large cone yarn tension, bobbin winding is too tight. For large cone yarn yarn adhesion beheaded, in part because of cone yarn winding along with the diameter larger, in the process of bobbin weight in gradually increasing, when the tension of a certain situation, bobbin is heavier, the tension tight, so can be understood as a big yarn tighter than small yarn winding. Solutions: can open graded tension, small yarn tension point already, big yarn Zhang Lisong points, tube yarn tension consistent as far as possible, can improve the adhesion beheaded. Another kind of adhesion is the cause of hairiness is high. It is well known that cop after winding process, hairiness will increase many, therefore should try to reduce hairiness in winding process. In terms of reducing hairiness, reduce the wind speed is the most simple and convenient, effective method, but affect production; Second is to ensure that the channel smooth, reduce the sore spot, can tear down the pre clearer, the balloon burst is set to open, check whether the various porcelain mouth on the spot the damage, etc. ; Process design and process, the use of small tension can reduce hairiness. Of course, the root cause of hairiness high before also need to solve, such as: before the process is not reasonable, raw material problem, etc. Two, take off the ring die casting off beheaded is more root yarn or more strands of yarn is caused by high speed unwinding yarn brought out beheaded. Reason is small cone yarn tension, bobbin winding is too loose. Contrary to the reason of adhesion beheaded, refer to adhesion break when the tension control method. Three, disorderly layer phenomenon is the broken ends layer or waste yarn winding by the slotted drum groove pattern to cone yarn; The waste phenomenon is enclosed in the process of yarn winding yarn. Normal winding will not produce the two phenomena, through long-term observation, the reason and big suction nozzle repeated suction yarn and the size of the negative pressure in the main suction motor, followed by big suction nozzle encountered of bobbin yarn absorption layer. Solution: one by one spindle to adjust the suction nozzle and the distance between cone yarn, keep 3 mm - It is advisable to 5 mm clearance; Check whether there is a single spindle splice unqualified or the ground yarn sensor failure cause repeated joint; Check whether there is a machinist does not handle cone yarn directly according to the phenomenon of single spindle start button, strengthen the machinist training; Whether the slub setting process too strict cause frequent joint; Can be & other; Circulation throughout the &; From the menu & other; Cone yarn for tail number by 3 times for the 2 times, even 1 time, in order to reduce repeated suction yarn number; Reduce car suction motor speed, reduce the negative pressure suction yarn big suction nozzle, etc. ; To strengthen equipment management, personnel training and field management. Four, irregular broken 1, splice strength is low, to check whether the splice configuration is reasonable, whether the splicing process to achieve the best effect. 2, the weak twist yarn breakage, this kind of phenomenon in coarse species is relatively rare, i. e. no plus twist in the yarn twisting process, the strength is low, the yarn is need to optimize the process. No 3 broken ends, details, such as clearer cut, spun yarn and yarn imperfection group of poor yarn, low strength, can cause warping beheaded, slub is also need optimize the process. With the popularity of automatic winder, automatic winding cone yarn production proportion will be more and more big, how to reduce caused by automatic winding cone yarn bad warping beheaded, particularly important. Field, find and solve problems, to operate strictly according to the operation, cleaning and maintenance, ensure the equipment in the best working state, only in this way can use the advantages of automatic winder spinning to produce good products.
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