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Shu-yun zhang: 20/21 aw functional colored spun yarn popular attention to environmental protection, comfortable and colorful fancy - Textile information - Textile network

by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
On July 6, waves of fashion in shenzhen town public service platform 6 layer, 2020/21 autumn and winter trends would successfully held in China's textile fabrics, as by China textile industry association, shenzhen longhua district people's government, organized by China textile information center, Chinese clothing association, the national textile product development center, shenzhen longhua big wave fashionable town construction management center to undertake the summit of the 2019 annual meeting of China's textile innovation, design part of the series of activities, but China's textile fabrics popular trend research and publish league ( Abbreviation, union) Exclusive enterprises. Conference, national functional trend of colored spun yarn research center - — Texas huayuan ecological science and technology co. , LTD. , shu-yun zhang as share 20/21 aw functional trend of colored spun yarn. Texas huayuan make accurate differentiation yarn is a service provider. Shu-yun zhang into focus on environmental protection. — Build a green manufacturing system, focus on comfort - — The application of modal, and colorful fancy - — Intelligent digital spinning three parts for everyone to share. She thinks that environmental protection is an eternal topic, materials research and development enterprises should focus on green environmental protection, multidimensional development of renewable fiber, building green supply chain. When it comes to comfort, she USES two extreme 'fashion' and 'experience' to share the modal in underwear, home and sportswear. In addition, she thought, intelligent way of life give consumers more choice, intelligent digital spinning for consumers are an integral part of the distinct space, suitable for bedding, underwear, sports as well as sweater, socks and so on.
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