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Shijiazhuang: yarn and cotton project put into production, international trade Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
After more than a year of intensive work, at present, the comprehensive free trade zone is located in shijiazhuang yarn and cotton international trade projects, machinery and equipment installation has been completed. On May 22, the manufacturer under the guidance of experts, production workshop for cotton, start the machine works, the production started. Comprehensive free trade zone along the wide center street all the way north, SMC's yarn and cotton international trade project at hand. The reporter understands, after a tense preparation, the project in accordance with the customs bonded warehouse requirements with the storage conditions. On May 19, container carrying foreign cotton, arriving here, quality control center staff to sampling inspection, warehousing cotton through professional instruments and experimental data, according to the data of different batches of cotton into drawing workshop after matching. Subsequently, equipment debugging. Spinning workshop, light bright, green channel clean and neat, under the action of professional air conditioning and workshop keep below 28 degrees Celsius temperature, humidity 55% Less than 65%, to ensure product quality. Reporter saw, as the plucker reciprocating operation, cotton under the action of air flow, slowly into the pure flower process each host, through technical personnel by debugging, the machine into the normal working state, article 8 sets of carding machine are input sliver into the barrel. 'Chase through the center of the quality test, quality standards, marked the carding machine a successful commissioning. 'The project director said happily. A series of testing continues. Then, drawing frame after four hours of test repeatedly, eventually reached the preset quality standards; Cotton production into finished product machine R66 rotor spinning machine, as the machines roar sounded, under the influence of machine running, pure cotton yarn winding yarn on the shelf, after the test, yarn quality all meet the standard. 'It also marks the production line of all qualified product quality, a trial is successful, then will begin production in succession. 'The official said. Is understood, with a total investment of 500 million yuan of yarn and cotton trade projects, with the help of the advantage of shijiazhuang comprehensive free trade zone 'foreign', effectively avoid cotton import quota barriers to sharply reduce the cost of the raw cotton and improve product profit space, improve product competitive advantage, and also free import and export trade of raw materials, products can be realized. After the project put into production, with an annual output of 30000 tons of 21 yarn is expected, can realize the annual sales revenue 5. 500 million yuan, the taxes and 1. 500 million yuan. In addition, the introduction of article 28 of the Swiss rieter R66 rotor spinning production equipment, is currently the world's most advanced production equipment, compared with the traditional spinning equipment, low production cost, high degree of automation, high output, less labor, human factors influence the quality of product is small and other advantages. At the same time, on-line yarn quality monitoring control system ( Web system) 100% of the whole process of production monitoring and control, achieved 100% guarantee about the quality of the finished product. 'This project is greatly different from traditional spinning enterprise, will certainly to the textile industry from labor-intensive to capital intensive technology transformation, from low-end manufacturing to high-end manufacturing upgrade, leading the demonstration effect. Officials said, 'city to the city and our province textile industrial structure upgrade, and accelerate the textile industry to develop in the direction of low carbon, branding, high added value, a positive role in promoting. At the same time, also will certainly to the SMC enterprise development to realize the transformation and upgrading, span a positive impact.
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