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Shandong heze production enterprise to increase the cotton yarn inventory backlog - reduction Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
Recently, the China cotton net correspondent visited the shandong heze JuanCheng several textile mill, there are only 2 - Three textile mill have to start for many reasons, most other mills are in the holiday, and plans to extend the holiday time. Visit to understand, because the market overall mood is not optimistic, and downstream demand downside, mills,. ltd inventory backlog serious. The cotton yarn inventory to one and a half months production, cotton inventories most in a month. The current local 40 s pure cotton yarn price is in 20200 yuan/tons, To bring my ticket) 。 According to the downstream enterprises, because there is no foreign trade order, textile clothing consumption had to turn back to the domestic market, and the domestic market can hold, cotton prices all the way down, the backlog walk goods. In normal circumstances, 5 - Proofing, June 7 Production in August and September 10 in peak season, and for the most part this year so far has not proofing orders, so this year is expected to eliminate a textile mill. Through the textile mill, learned, head of the recent cotton goods go slower, a few days to sell a batch of goods has become the norm, at present the most concern is Banks hurried loan in August, caused panic selling of xinjiang cotton ginning mill, currently, there are approximately 1 million tons of inventory of cotton in xinjiang cotton ginning mill.
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