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Shandong 24 companies listed top cotton textile industry revenues - 2019 Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
Recently, the China cotton textile industry association official & other Cotton textile industry in 2019 operating income ranking results & throughout; And niche products such as a series of industry rankings. In addition to the cotton textile industry revenue ranking top, also including & other; Colored spun yarn products & throughout; 、“ Yarn-dyed fabric products & throughout; And & other; Denim products & throughout; Revenues top 10 list, with 24 companies in shandong province, five companies in the top 10, to show the big province of textile industry advantage. The reporter understands in the interview, & other; Cotton textile industry in 2019 operating income ranking results & throughout; Rankings use advocate business wu income is given priority to with cotton textile production income, textile industry chain and give attention to two or morethings trading income. 24, listed companies in shandong province, shandong province, the weiqiao pioneering group co. , LTD. , shandong ruyi international fashion industry investment holding co. , LTD. , lutai, Texas hengfeng group, linqing sanhe textile group co. , LTD. , and other five companies in the top 10, respectively 1, 3, 5, 7, 8. Compared with last year, the five firms also entered the top 10, including lutai group and Texas hengfeng group moved forward the two places. Ruyi colored spun yarn product revenue in the fourth, lutai group color spinning cloth product revenue in the first place, adai denim product revenue of the national top 10 silver group. Learned, cotton textile enterprise economic indicators ranked activities have been carried out for many years, in the guide the healthy development of the textile industry, promote the cotton textile enterprise's fair and orderly competition has played a positive role, 'a review of the well-known trademark for cotton textile enterprise, industry evaluation, financing, loan, single product champion prove that provides the basis of authority. Consumers are familiar with the vosges group, guan crown star of textile, zibo silver shi to, Texas huayuan group, linqing autumn China textile, silks, linqing city huaxing textile, shandong huaxing textile group, shandong macro cheng group, shandong, the textiles, home textile, brilliance, Nearbu) Shandong companies such as textile, zaozhuang hai Yang dynasty were entered the national one. “ Need a lot of accounting work list. ” In an interview, the reporter understands, the main list and the list of has a complex program, to & other; Denim products & throughout; Operating income ranked as an example, to participate in the denim product ranking companies, denim products production needs to account for more than 50% of total output, the use of main business income is given priority to with denim products annual sales revenue, the ranking results can reflect the comprehensive competition of the enterprises in the denim industry strength. 24 high on the list of companies in our province are the top domestic cotton textile enterprises, many companies around the world to carry out the business, technical force is abundant industry innovation ability, during the epidemic prevention and control also has played a significant role, carried out the first time to return to work and production, is in good operation. “ Throughout united & cotton; Cotton textile industry in 2019 operating income ranking list
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