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Shaanxi textile enterprises without the approval of the customs bootleg cotton legal persons accused of. . . Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
In the case of without the approval of the customs, will be 58 tons by bonded cotton processed into cotton yarn in domestic sales. Because of the crime of smuggling ordinary goods or articles, shaanxi and charged by the legal representative of a textile enterprise. Xi 'an's procuratorate prosecuted, according to shaanxi hui kai textile printing and dyeing co. , LTD. Started in 2013 to deal with the customs processing trade business and the feeding processing trade at baoji customs handbook, two of the handbook on December 18, 2013, imported bonded cotton December 24, 195. 8 tons. In 2014, hui kai company to turn all these bonded cotton yarn, without customs approval and payment of tax cases, of them without authorization of 58 tons of cotton yarn in domestic sales profit. Evade tax according to the customs for approval, the company a total of more than 470000 yuan. Shortly after, xi 'an customs anti-smuggling bureau held remit kay company cotton yarn of 14720 kg, 4900 kg, grey fabric money 480000 yuan. Prosecutors believe that collect kay company and bi in violation of the provisions of the customs, without customs approval and payment of tax, do STH without authorization to approve the import of feed processing and finished products in domestic sales profit, shall use the crime of smuggling ordinary goods or articles shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. On September 27, xi 'an then public hearing the case. For charges, the defendant units send kay company and finish one has no objection to the defendant. Bi said, in 2014, due to internal shareholders dispute, lead to sued, the company was forced to temporarily shut down, coupled with the external market environment, only for emergency reasons, privately sold a batch of cotton yarn, will make up later. He said he know this kind of behavior belongs to smuggling, but forced. Final statement, put a express regret for many times, 'no matter what the reason, and broke the law. 'After the trial, the presiding judge announced it will set a sentence.
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