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September cotton textile industry climate index dropped enterprise production rhythm slow - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
In September 2018, our country textile climate index for 48. August 18, and lower than 1. 76. September, textile should enter the traditional peak season, but the market was sino-us trade friction continues to pall, unstable trade environment makes the market participants generally cautious, downstream season anemic. Most FangQi said mid-september early order situation well, generally in late orders, even not as good as July and August, the production is slow. End demand remains weak, downstream to reflect a double tenth and Christmas orders than in previous years, is expected in October, China cotton textile industry climate index is still down. Specific view, September our raw material purchasing price index of 50. 83, raw materials inventory index for 47. 51, the production index of 48. 85, product sales index of 47. 27, the product inventory index for 46. 33. September enterprise management index for 48. August 25, and than by 2. 43. In September of pure cotton yarn and cotton prices fell, but the cotton fell by more than cotton yarn. Listing of the crop at present, the domestic market of cotton prices weak oscillation, sino-us trade friction continue to affect the industry point of view, yarn, cloth market weak, October business index is expected to fall.
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