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Say goodbye to the 'golden nine silver ten', yarn market situation how? Afternoon go? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
“ Golden October & throughout; Just in the past, but it is difficult to imagine now & other textile market; Golden nine silver ten & throughout; Picture, as of October 31, the domestic C32S average closed at 20478 yuan/ton, rose 3 yuan/ton from last week. Yarn around the market as a whole is still in the middle of a weak light atmosphere, market confidence in afternoon to boost. FangQi because there are many inventory, and downstream sales continue to impeded, yarn price weakness, trading insipid. From the point of the yarn inventory, recent shipment is relatively smooth, but department species has been pale, falling inventories, but at a slower pace. The average inventory FangQi in 19 days, is close to the same period last year, but still on the high side compared with 17 years. Boot, the National Day FangQi gradually after the restart, the overall slow rise, the boot is relatively stable, boot load remain at around 58%. Again from the downstream weaving factory, market trend than yarn is better, but as a result of previous inventory is too much, still keep in 26 days. Weaving factory in the production of winter more orders at present, but also draws to a close, spring and summer cloth order is not much, local production inventory in preparation for the next year. Export orders is weak, knitting factory reflect sold to Vietnam orders increased. Overall, the downstream market outlook is not optimistic, procurement is very cautious, wait-and-see mood is quite strong. Recently, the upstream cotton trend rebound slightly, but overall, since early September, affected by the macro environment, cotton price fluctuations is bigger, the pure cotton yarn price is relatively stable, moves significantly weaker than cotton. As can be seen from the theory of profit and loss figure, now FangQi spinning and have to make. But earn the premise is to have the order, because the downstream weaving factory orders is much less than usual, and order convergence difficulties, mostly FangQi said, pure cotton yarn price pressure, but the actual operation is difficult. From the point of view of cost of support, unless the cotton prices continue to rise sharply in the short term, or pure cotton yarn momentum is still insufficient. In recent months, both inside and outside yarn price. As of October 31, FCY Index C32S Index closed at 21187 yuan/ton, with flat last week. Chinese customs data show that in September 2019, China imported cotton yarn quantity is 150000 tons, compared with last year fell sharply. But according to market research, the truth is not so absolute, mainly customs statistics caliber problem, resulting in a large number of Chinese import yarn not entering the statistical system, estimation of 1-2019 In September, China imported Pakistan cotton yarn is about 240000 tons, year-on-year decline in 10. About 5%. According to the Pakistan customs data show that 1-2019 September export cotton yarn 34 in Pakistan. 30000 tons, year-on-year decline in 8. 9%, the percentage of exports to China held steady or slightly increased. Overall, China and Pakistan cotton yarn trade on the rails, China mainly imports stabilized. Mills in Pakistan, on the other hand, the profit is good, thanks to the substantial depreciation of the rupee and the Chinese tariff policy of the yarn. But due to the current domestic cotton rose, Pakistan Pakistan to make up for the raw material gap had to be imported from abroad. Stagnation, and the india-pakistan standoff, commerce makes beautiful Pakistan import cotton yarn and Vietnam has increased, this also indirectly led to Vietnam yarn in each big outer yarn & other; Outshine others & throughout; And keep up trend. Well, in general, the yarn market goods, also can maintain for a period of time, but the afternoon is still very grim. Macro aspect is good for enterprise actual benefits, the impact on the market is limited. The future price will be higher still depends on the shape of the cotton materials.
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