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Rising cost of cotton yarn exports less competitive in Indonesia Vietnam and Bangladesh are especially competitive - Textile information - Textile net -

by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
2018/19 cotton consumption packet drop from 3. 5 million to 3. 1 million bales. Although early annual imported varieties lead to fierce competition and low part of the textile mill is closed, but big expansion and recent policy restricting the use of gauze import make 2019/20 cotton consumption is expected to steady at 3. 1 million bales. Domestic cotton mills and the textile industry is facing multiple serious challenge, the New Deal to allow factory in the bonded area to make a large number of low-priced imports into the domestic market, directly compete with domestic products, domestic spinning mill yarn and cloth inventory increase. 1-2019 In September, Indonesia's cotton imports rose 10%, the main import source is India ( 41%) , China ( 24%) And Vietnam ( 14%) 。 , according to the Indonesian industry manufacturing in Indonesia in 2018 of 17 million workers, including textiles for 9. 8%. Although cotton accounts for half of cotton yarn production cost, labor cost is the key reason for product competitiveness. At the same time, also cannot ignore the influence of environmental policy, the policy for the new water treatment facilities is also increased the production cost, a few small factory unbearable can only close, deep-pocketed big mills continued to acquire small and medium-sized enterprises. Production costs rising cotton yarn exports less competitive in Indonesia, including competition from Vietnam and Bangladesh are particularly intense. Indonesia spinning industry, said in the past 15 years in Vietnam and Bangladesh textile exports increased by 1028% and 699% respectively, while Indonesia increased by only 82%. Vietnam and Bangladesh low labor costs make it cheaper than Indonesia's textiles. According to the analysis, the sino-us trade dispute will eventually make the clothing exports to the United States and Indonesia to American cotton imports increased. In 2018/19, Indonesia cotton imports bag fell to 3. 5 million from 305. 10000 packages, 2019/20 is expected to increase to 3100000 thousand million people a small bag. In 2018/19, Indonesia's total imports the 1. 18 million bales cotton, the proportion of American cotton cotton imports accounted for Indonesia is 38. 53%, followed by Brazil cotton ( 29. 06%) And Australia cotton ( 7. 32%) 。 At the same time, according to the Indonesian textile association, 1-2019 In July the country's textile exports to $7. 6 billion, fell $100 million, the main export to the United States ( 35. 58%) , Japan ( 10. 87%) , China ( 6. 2%) And South Korea, 5. 05%) 。
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