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by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
At the beginning of the New Year, all on a new look, with new hope. In the New Year approaching, China cotton textile industry association, vice President of Ye Jian spring is in the past year industry development, industry hotspot issues and priorities in 2017 is presented. TAweekly: what are the significant characteristics of cotton textile industry development in 2016? Ye Jian spring: cotton textile industry as a whole to maintain a smooth operation in 2016, although the cotton raw material fluctuations have an adverse effect on industry development, but look from the market situation, the enterprise response ability to strengthen, in research, the enterprise generally reflect the benefit is better than 2015. Is one of the most striking aspects of the development of the industry, a large enterprise benefit is good, the product of a single, weak ability to cope with the market of small and medium-sized enterprises in difficulties, appear more shutdowns. Industry development is to the advantage of large enterprises. TAweekly: textile enterprises for various reasons, are turning to foreign countries, this year cotton textile enterprises 'going out' what is the new trend? Ye Jian spring: look from the current situation, cotton textile enterprise in slowing pace of 'going out', as the TPP lockout, cotton spinning enterprises 'going out' the power is weakened. At present, some companies look to Africa, Central America, but it is not become a trend. Africa is a hot topic in people, its electricity and labor costs have an advantage, but cotton spinning enterprises consider the factors of cotton resources, backward African cotton cultivation techniques, the output is not high also, so companies will not blindly 'go out'. TAweekly: industry development situation in 2017? Said Ye Jian spring: on the whole, cotton textile industry in 2017 will remain stable development, but there are a lot of uncertainty. First of all, the macro economy will not have improved significantly; Secondly, depreciation for cotton goods exports, but the new President took office after the textile trade policy change remains to be seen whether, as things stand, Japan, the United States against China may has the restrictions such as tariffs, technical measures, therefore the export situation is not optimistic. TAweekly: what is the situation in the New Year cotton? Ye Jian spring: look from domestic planting area, due to the national subsidy policy guidance, the mainland enthusiasm affected cotton, cotton on the mainland will be less and less, the xinjiang cotton is stable. Country has unveiled a New Year behind plan, storage reserves should be comparable to last year. But more focused on the cotton quality problem, this year cast store most should be for the 2014 purchase of cotton, mixed level phenomenon is serious, detection of cotton will be enough to meet the needs of cotton spinning enterprises is still not good, if quality problems of cotton, every store quantity can't satisfy the demand, market volatility. In order to deal with the influence of the reservoir, China cotton textile industry association will listen to the demands of the enterprise in time, to the relevant state departments to reflect, to guide the market, ensure enterprise need to cotton. TAweekly: in recent years, xinjiang is a hotspot of cotton textile enterprise investment, the future what chance? Ye Jian spring: look from the aspects of policy in xinjiang, the cotton textile enterprise investment preferential policies have been introduced, the focus of the next policy will focus on the downstream fabrics, clothing, etc. Various policy's ultimate goal is to solve the employment problem in xinjiang, the cotton spinning enterprise investment are all advanced spinning equipment, clothing relative can solve the problem of more jobs. TAweekly: cotton futures will be listed in the first half of this year, what does this mean for the company? Ye Jian spring: cotton futures market is good for spinning enterprise, it is also the important of marketization. As the cotton price difference inside and outside the narrow, India, Pakistan, cotton imports also in decline, this year in xinjiang cotton will make up for the yarn imports. The futures market is not only affected by the domestic market, also has relationship with imported yarn. For spinning cotton futures hedging business, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises benefits more, can protect the yarn price. But futures is a financial instrument, also can appear marketing hype, so companies will have a gradually understanding the process of careful operation, make good use of the platform. Cotton yarn, in general, a high degree of marketization, less interference by policy, the future will be more active. TAweekly: cotton lines in the association in the year to focus on what type of work? Ye Jian spring: for companies, perhaps the most attention is the cotton material, cast for this association will focus on cotton storage situation, timely held analysis, reflect the enterprise demands to the state. In addition, the association will also revolve around cotton textile industrial upgrading, enhance the level of intelligence, practice the strategy of 'doctrine', etc, guide enterprises to adjust to upgrade.
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