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Return to the chief executive of Hong Kong's first cotton mill: to promote industrialization - again Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
Reported, according to Hong Kong's da gong bao Hong Kong over half a century since the first cotton mill on September 3, formally in tai Po industrial estate, mills use Hong Kong textile and clothing research and development center 'textile recycling technology', set up three production lines, daily production of 3 tons of recycled fibers, was the first in Hong Kong environmental protection textile mill, is expected to comprehensive operation next month. According to the report, tai Po environmental mills are now set 1 production lines, applied earlier by the Geneva international invention fair gold medal of technology, through five processes, including ozone disinfection, removal of old clothes of the fiber materials such as buttons and zippers, by mechanical arm and the computer program clothing color, material, finally using intelligent storage system to produce yarn fiber processing system, 1 production line can produce 1 ton daily yarn, only six workers responsible for now. GeYiWen, chief executive of the Hong Kong textile and garment r&d center, said the mill first customer as a fashion chain, temporarily hundreds of pieces of clothing orders, he is expected to produce enough yarn 'delivery' in November. Because the technology can make the yarn costs fell into 3, expected future clothes price decline. GeYiWen also said that the future target is the daily production of 10 tons of yarn, expected in tseung kwan o industrial park place such as a factory, expand the scale. He stressed that to prove that Hong Kong can solve the dumping of waste at the local, environmental mills will become successful precedent, drive the participation from other manufacturers. The Hong Kong special administrative region chief executive secretary in moths address the opening ceremony of 3 in the afternoon to attend the cotton, textile waste, more than 120000 tons, 2016 new technologies succeed for scrap material, and more mills to return to Hong Kong, believe in Hong Kong to promote industrialization is a big boost to '' again. She also said that the SAR government to promote Hong Kong industrial again, again without conflict of industrialization development of a large bay area of guangdong and Hong Kong, Hong Kong manufacturers have an opportunity to enter the mainland market, promote the brand 'made in Hong Kong'. In addition, tsuen wan nan fung mills retail stores are opened at 3 in the morning, the use of technology and environmental protection textile mill. GeYiWen said the store daily production 6 new clothes, but temporarily unable to process a raincoat and a down jacket. Longda yong-an Chen said, chief executive of textile, nan fung mills stores mainly used for education, improve the people environmental protection consciousness, and tai Po environmental mills for commercial purposes, to bring new way for the industry.
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