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Reserve XinJiangMian quantity increases - zheng cotton continue to fall Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
On May 31, 2017 - On June 2, domestic cotton market price rise is bigger, which represents the mainland 2129 b cotton national cotton prices A index ( CNCotton A) The average price of 16400 yuan/ton, the previous fall 20 yuan/ton; On behalf of the mainland 3128 B grade cotton country cotton prices index (B CNCotton B) Average price 16017 yuan/ton, the previous 28 yuan/ton. It's sunny in the week, the Yellow River, the temperature is higher, reproduce parts of drought, plant diseases and insect pests of cotton seedlings increased. Yangtze river valley cotton transplanting, seeding work completed, such as cotton farmers is stepping up efforts to control pests, row keep moisture, cotton growing happily. Xinjiang cotton growing is uneven, border on a clear day, accumulated temperature of soil is better, is conducive to the rapid growth, and the southern xinjiang cotton high temperature and little rain, the drought is obvious, cotton farmers cultivating scarification, diversion water prevention and stepped up efforts to control insects. In the week, the national cotton reserves plan to round out the number 8. 6 990000 tons, the actual clinch a deal. 180000 tons, brought in 68. 74%, closing down; Look from clinch a deal the price, clinch a deal for an average of 15228 yuan/ton, the previous fell 130 yuan/ton. As of June 2, 2017, 2016/2017 of the annual national cotton reserves accumulated outbound clinch a deal in 132. 180000 tons, 86 XinJiangMian clinch a deal. 260000 tons, clinch a deal to ChanMian 45. 920000 tons. This week XinJiangMian listed quantity increased to 1. 50000 tons, affected by the spot market and futures market prices down, traders bidding enthusiasm decline, companies trade accounted for by the average of 50. 45% decline to 31. 84%. In the week, well recent FangQi normal yarn order, since June, business orders filled, running at full capacity. But domestic cotton, cloth market are not good, the downstream weak consumer spending, cotton prices continue to fall. On the one hand is the high quality cotton is hard to find, on the one hand, is the downstream market downturn, FangQi two difficult, had to cut prices to attract customers, maintain the order. Week futures market continued to fall, cooperate with the recent U. S. cotton continuous decline and the spot market price decline in the rate of zheng cotton recently won't appear a sharp decline, will be in 15600 - The probability of 16000 yuan/ton range of consolidation in further. However, under the condition of the domestic supply sufficient, price rebound is not very big, there will be no more unilateral rally, for spot business on rallies empty operation is still a good choice, at the same time need to pay attention to national cotton reserves round out the structure and quantity change.
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