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Research association in shandong FangQi cotton line of insurance operation, before they are guaranteed profits Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
On July 1 5, China cotton textile industry association and the China cotton association in shandong jining in dongying, binzhou, zibo, linyi, weifang, more research, understand the production and operation of an enterprise, use of raw materials, and the feeling of the current market situation. A, the overall situation as a whole, enterprise current situation than usual, affected by the situation of international trade, corporate profits is squeezed between raw material and the cost price, to take 'after the first operation, protect profits' strategy, to try to stabilize the capital chain, ensure workshop operation in an orderly way, product competitiveness only grow, customer order is not short, staff stability is not lost. Second, the party construction activities during the research comes as 'July 1', the national party member concentrating on 'don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission' theme education activities, to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding, companies say, at the primary level is the weak link, we hope relevant party committee, the party organization in content and form to be more support and help. Enterprise party members to lead by example, play to the spirit, not get rich quick, party branch will be in advocate innovation culture, cultivating talents of science and technology, completes the related work to strengthen the construction of encouragement mechanism. Research group, said the will to strengthen the party's construction itself, party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, service enterprise spirit and responsibility clerkstarts bear, bear high mental attitude, strengthen the responsibility, completes the information link between the enterprise and the government. More than three, the production and business operation visit enterprises producing pure cotton products, cotton prices make the enterprise is to issue more cautious when purchasing raw materials, raw materials inventory is more than ten days is less two months, most in a month or so, enter the July market has a positive trend, but the wait-and-see mood is still strong. Product price did not timely with rising raw material prices, on subsequent to, the companies said the international situation has many uncertain factors, the current is given priority to with well at the moment, visiting enterprise more for order production, part of the enterprise product inventory a month or so. Cost elements, electricity price in 0. 64 - 0. 70 yuan/KWH of interval, in the country ( Excluding industry transfer the Midwest) At medium level, the staff salary is about 4000 yuan a month, also face problems of higher employee age. Four and the causes of market conditions for the cause of the downturn in the market situation, the original enterprise said consists of both inside and outside two aspects, the external cause to china-us trade relations change as the main orientation, negotiation game process affect the global economy is not prosperous, the export market is obviously influence; Internal cause is the domestic capacity of saturated, mutual competition, the rapid rise of the surrounding countries cotton spinning industry caused low-end products homogeneity competition, during this period, may form a domestic industry reshuffle.
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