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Raw material decline narrowed down trend to downstream - cotton market Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
Yarn to have & other; Yue four red may & throughout; This year, not only did not appear & other; Red in May & throughout; , off-season also arrived ahead of time. As of May 30, domestic C32S average closed at 22015 yuan/ton, continue to fall over the week 377 yuan/ton, was sharply over the same period last month fell 843 yuan/ton. Now, each FangQi inventories rise faster, small and medium-sized FangQi days endure the very difficult. Cash flow nervous want to walk goods FangQi race to the bottom, don't consider loss thanks to less. Cotton yarn inventory increase day by day makes some textile capital turnover difficult even a pooled their money to buy cotton, has a few small factory production, several adjustments workers shift to reduce production time. From the upstream cotton, since may, zheng period, 2018/19 cotton spot, national cotton reserves out of the floor three lines at the same time, the raw material of the big price cuts are now gradually to the downstream transmission yarns, grey cloth. For now, most FangQi stock was increased by more than 50% over the same period last year, individual business inventories increased 10 - than the same period last year 15 days, some even more than 40 days. A lot of finished product inventory inevitably leads to FangQi feel hesitate to increase raw material inventory, most FangQi along with it to buy, according to the list pick ( Some institutions with low & other; Feet & throughout; To describe) , but because the finished goods inventory continues to rise, such as gauze sino-us business negotiations impasse difficult solution, to 6 - The export situation is not optimistic in August, so while cotton raw material had dropped below expectations and calculated according to the crop year 2018/19, national cotton reserves clinch a deal valence, obviously improve the spinning of the profit from march/April, FangQi still & other; Take a detached view & throughout; And will not enter the market. As shown in the above, obviously, enter this week, domestic cotton prices decline slowed, but cotton prices fall has not been fully conduction to the downstream, if to 20 days before cotton raw material price to calculate the profit and loss of today even appeared at a loss. Coupled with the yarn inventory, cotton dismally is understandable, pure cotton yarn prices is expected in the near future or continue to small and medium-sized fell. Outside the yarn reduction slowed this week, as of May 30, FCY Index C32S yuan spot price closed at 22337 yuan/ton, down 127 yuan/ton from last week. It is worth mentioning that since this year, Pakistan's domestic demand continues to improve, coupled with the domestic cotton supply shortage again this year, the domestic inventories falling fast, imports of cotton mills are now need. Due to the yarn (domestic prices higher than the price of exports to China, so part of the yarn factory to reduce exports, causing the quantity of the yarn to the port in April declined. In the recent two weeks, as the Indian cotton prices rebound, cotton prices falling, India FangQi profits fell again, because the future uncertainty increases, yarn price or will be increased. Futures, this week, cotton yarn with cotton gained momentum. 28, 29, 30, CY001 main contract closing price respectively is 22030, 22060, 21680 yuan/ton. Although the main volume last week from 80000 hands down to less than 30000 hands, but investors also seems to have no plan to complete withdrawal from the market, as of May 30, cotton yarn holdings rose to 24378, record, precipitation funds are still remain at 1. 300 million yuan.
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