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by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
Since this year, our cotton yarn market has quietly changed, on the one hand, 'occupy' years of low and medium yarn market in China to import yarn price advantage gradually lost, on the other hand, more production cost advantage of xinjiang yarn are emerging, and cotton yarn 'into' the mainland market. 'Now of cotton yarn market in China has formed three basic plates. 'Guangzhou international trade company, general manager of China international trust &investment Luo Bei pointed out that the first one is a traditional Chinese yarn, such as shandong, henan, hebei, hunan, hubei and other regions, the second is imported yarn, the third is the rising yarn in xinjiang. Luo Bei analysis, advantages and disadvantages of each the three plates in traditional mainland yarn face labor costs continue to rise, and import yarn from the beginning of the year will be a watershed moment, because the price of imported yarn with domestic yarn has been reduced to one thousand compared to $two thousand, according to many years of experience can be judged, when less than two thousand yuan, China yarn will be very competitive. It is worth noting that xinjiang yarn is creating a very large capacity, but can exactly how much influence on the formation yarn market in China, so far still an open question. Henan Xinye Textile Co. , ltd. is the domestic cotton Textile industry leading enterprises, both in the mainland has cotton production base, at the same time also has cotton production base in xinjiang. 'Xinjiang cotton yarn production of low price, low cost, this is his advantage, will produce certain effect on the yarn on the mainland market, but how much influence, not sure yet. 'Henan Xinye Textile Co. , Ltd. , chairman of Wei Xuezhu said. Store group President assistant Chen Xiachi analysis thinks, at present or in the mid-range cotton yarn market is given priority to with imported yarn, and in high count yarn or the mainland basically give priority to. But the next year there will be two changes in the pattern, the impact of a change is from xinjiang yarn, another change or to look at the sell-off of state reserve cotton. USES about 800000 tons a year of yarn in zhejiang lanxi area, 80% with cotton yarn. For the change of the cotton market, they feel much more profound. Zhejiang xin hai textile co. , LTD. , chairman of Qiu Haibin said that at present lanxi is 60% cotton yarn on the mainland, only 10% are yarn in xinjiang, and to import yarn remained at about 30%. In fact, in order to make yarn better into the mainland, in xinjiang xinjiang local authorities are also spare no effort to improve the quality of cotton. 'We now set out a cotton quality improvement project. 'The xinjiang production and construction corps agricultural division cotton and linen company general manager li cheng said that cotton quality improvement project involves five aspects, respectively is variety, pattern, the way of sampling, processing and sales. 'These five links are short of one cannot. Relevant personage analysis, on the one hand, the xinjiang yarn with the advantages of lower cost, on the other hand, if the xinjiang cotton quality can get bigger, so 'xinjiang yarn force to be reckoned with. ”
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