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Qinzhou bonded port area special seminar held consensus - development of cotton textile industry Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
On March 28, guangxi beibu gulf economic zone industry promotion activities - — Guangxi qinzhou bonded port area cotton industrial park seminar held in henan zhengzhou YuDa international hotel. Pitch, qinzhou bonded port area management committee, deputy director of the standing committee, deputy secretary of the qinzhou municipal committee Wang Xiongchang introduces the current development of qinzhou bonded port area. Henan province textile industry association honorary President and former henan textile industry hall hall secretary Li Shuqin of henan cotton textile industry was introduced, and development in qinzhou bonded port area is expounded in detail the development of cotton spinning industry advantage. Luoyang white horse group, zhengzhou SiMian companies eager to ask questions, such as venezuela processing and financial support to the practical problems and qinzhou bonded port customs, inspection and quarantine bureau on behalf of the government and enterprises in the heated discussion. This seminar hosted by the guangxi beibu gulf economic zone and asean open cooperation office, guangxi qinzhou bonded port area management committee and henan textile industry association to undertake, the key is to use - China The opportunity of rapid development of asean free trade area, build consensus and common development of cotton textile industry. Conference, guangxi qinzhou bonded port area management committee and the association of textile industry in henan province, henan textile engineering society (cmes) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with henan plain cotton group co. , LTD. Signed the agreement of air spinning project investment.
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