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Puyuan gets a host of the 2020 international wool - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-21
Yesterday, the reporter learns from the management committee of puyuan sweater market, in 2018, the 87th annual international congress on wool spinning, as China's national committee of Chinese wool textile industry association, submit to the IWTO tongxiang puyuan as in 2020, the 89th annual international conference on wool spinning site application, and in 2018, general meeting on May 16, the international wool textile organization won unanimously. This means that the tongxiang puyuan gets a host of the 2020 international wool spinning. It is understood that the 89th international wool conference sponsored by the international wool textile organization, China wool textile industry association to undertake. The conference will be held in May 2020, session 2 and a half days to 3 days, is expected to the attendance of 400 people, of which nearly 200 the number of foreign guests. It is worth mentioning that the international wool spinning assembly so far only in Shanghai, Beijing, hangzhou, zhangjiagang, held in Hong Kong, this also will be the sixth conference held in China. So, of what is favored industry puyuan, host the 89th annual international conference on wool spinning? The relevant person in charge of the management committee, said puyuan sweater market in recent years, the consumption of market focus has gradually shifted from technology to the content of fashion and personalized products, progress of puyuan sweater industry is changed, by introducing the international high-end design r&d talents, strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known university, innovative technology development and support a number of famous brand, which is transformed into agglomeration creative design, development, sweater knitting material culture exhibition, popular trend to publish and tourism drive for the integration of the international first-class characteristic town. The benign interaction of market and industry, but also led to the healthy development of the whole wool knitting industry, and formed puyuan as the core, radiation surrounding areas, more than 6000 agglomeration production enterprises, industrial workers more than ten thousand people in the wool knitting industrial clusters, the top industrial cluster in the country. At the same time, in recent years, from the four seasons of chun xiaqiu winter wool knitting dress popular trend, to many times at the Shanghai China international clothing fair, sweater corporate group to fashion first-tier cities such as shenzhen, Hong Kong, 'fashion puyuan' bold 'going out' steps, in the name of fashion, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional sweater industry. Puyuan is also active, 'introducing' in do a good job in the traditional fashion shopping festival at the same time, introduced a puyuan fashion week activity, has accumulated rich experience in office. On the other hand, for now, as puyuan world expo center, puyuan sweater fashion, with the hotel, exhibition center and facilities complete fashion items, will try to puyuan water 'exhibition economy' capacity of ascension. Livable appropriate industry should swim, ecological living environment of production integration, also will let puyuan woolen textile world information exchanges, explore the effective platform of the development of the industry. 'The 89th annual international congress held in puyuan wool textile, on the one hand, will greatly increase puyuan fashion industry's fame and influence, help puyuan sustained development in the direction of' professional, vogue and internationalization ', on the other hand also provides the local companies at home in close communication with international and domestic wool industry chain enterprises, this will help to puyuan to more open horizon promote exchanges, broader thinking seeking cooperation, more pioneering mind absorb fusion, accelerate puyuan sweater from quarterly to the four seasons all category fashion apparel. 'Puyuan town party secretary, director of the management committee of puyuan sweater market wei-ming su said that with the help of international congress of wool spinning spillover effect, and the future of puyuan market image, the industrial technology level, the environmental bearing capacity and so on will also further improve, so as to speed up the puyuan moving towards' the first town of Chinese fashion. It is understood that the international wool textile organization ( International Wool Textile levels, English abbreviation IWTO) Was founded in 1927, is a representative of the world wool production, wool spinning industry and relevant trade interests in the field of non-governmental international organization. Until now, there is 11 IWTO and 27 associate member of the national committee, according to statistics, 78% of the world's wool produced in the IWTO members, 87% of the wool trade between the IWTO members, 90% of wool top IWTO members, 92% wool fabrics produced from IWTO members. The international conference on wool spinning ( The international wool textile organization convention) Is the activity of the organization every year is the most important. Congress held regularly every year in between each member in turn, is the world's woolen textile effective platform to exchange information, discuss the development of the industry. The representatives including wool producers and traders, primary processing enterprises, yarn, fabric and garment manufacturers, etc. , it also include the establishment of retail enterprises and other related industries.
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