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Pure polyester yarn, the continued downturn - 'malaise Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
May enter the pure polyester yarn market weakness, the price is centre of gravity is a downward trend. On the one hand, raw material prices generally lower, pure polyester yarn with the raw material fluctuates significantly; On the other hand, under the background of the off-season tired library and yarn delivery pressure forced cut prices, but the downstream FangQi as weak demand, benefit also failed to alleviate the pressure of the yarn enterprise inventory in quantity. The overall pure polyester yarn market present & other; Yue four & throughout; Don't, may continue to fall. Raw material end: after the May Day of pure polyester yarn raw material market has been in a tense atmosphere, companies face growing PTA disk processing fee, must always concerns the status of high profits will eventually collapse will cause the PTA and polyester products both fell. So even if PTA continued supplier repurchase support spot behavior, but for polyester staple fiber spinning enterprises with the continuous cautious, polyester staple fiber inventory gradually compressed high and profit, the maintenance messages in mid-may polyester market began to increase, but because of the strength is limited has not obvious influence on the formation the PTA, however, on May 10th, macro news surface increases, zheng cotton, PTA futures fell sharply, mid, polyester staple fiber and other types of polyester product trend is more apparent. By the close, fujian polyester staple fiber prices in 8325, is the beginning of may have dropped 325. The recent PTA supplier repurchase slow state, disk processing fee or further compression may exist, so even if polyester staple fibre is overhaul, face down state, but the cost also solidly polyester staple fiber. Demand side: in recent months, the volume of world trade in its worst slump since the financial crisis, the sluggish economic environment and market tends to saturation. Pure polyester yarn FangQi downstream, as the previous orders are completed, the new single follow up slowly; Rising inventories, medium-sized enterprises fabric inventory of 40 - Between 60 days, with the same period last year than the rise in half a month, a few fabric inventory is as high as 80 - 90 days; As the cloth into the domestic, southern and central China supply market leads to the constant compression FangQi cash flow, verge losses, circular machine utilization dropped to 48%, some small knitting factory was forced to shut down. China-us economic and trade frictions upgrade on May 10th, $200 billion listing of goods imported from China of imposing a tariff rate from 10% to 25%, this factor continues to bad foreign trade order in the market, especially will force the purchaser order to southeast Asia and other places, traders cautious purchasing. According to usual practice, in May after weaving gradually into the off-season, the lack of overall orders late and finished goods inventory is higher will be negative for pure polyester yarn market together. Comprehensive above, raw materials and negative demand end, after the pure polyester yarn market price focus continue downward trend. Enter the off-season, inventories increased significantly, while most of the price cut - 200 300, but the order and inventory mitigation effect is limited, some yarn enterprise inventory for more than 20 days; Raw material prices falling, yarn mills is given priority to with just need inventory, more pessimism is thicker in the industry. Changle area T32S mainstream discussions focus on at present is 13100 - 13200, offer a slightly higher 13300; Joinville region knitted, woven and pure polyester yarn T32S ( Dahua chemiacl) Negotiating on 12600 - tax mainstream 13000; West region woven with ring spun russsian T21S tax factory focused on 12300 - quotation 12500; Rugao area industrial russsian T16S tax ex-factory price on 12200 - 12300. ( Unit: yuan/ton)
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