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Pure polyester yarn: in the face of 'golden September' motionless - the first wave of the market Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
Guide language: according to past experience, from late August to the Mid-Autumn festival is the traditional textile industry busy season, a double tenth, Christmas day is coming, and the hot weather has in the past, whether factory production and orders, there was a distinct improvement in will be relatively early. But so far this year, familiar with the market did not come, although raw material polyester staple fiber in early September rose slightly, but the demand for pressing, pure polyester yarn prices move. Earlier this month, the multiple positive boost market together, the geopolitical exist variables, overall improve China's economic data, and the atmosphere in global trade. By this boost, crude oil prices rebounded sharply, polyester raw materials PTA futures also warm and glycol main adjustment, the rise in raw material, and to cover positions before the last focus has been more than a half moon, downstream and terminal factory overall purchasing motivation rebounded, polyester short factory production and sales data to improve whole, polyester short floor talks center in slightly. Raw material prices is only a flash in the pan, and failed to drive the pure polyester yarn price movements, weeks of PTA unit load, a consortium of supply increase expected, drag the PTA spot prices, coupled with terminal order does not appear obvious improvement, internal discussion again to dull atmosphere. Ring spun by the close, fujian T32S tax mainstream discussions focused on 11600 - 11700, west region T21S ex-factory price on 11200 - tax mainstream Between 11300, joinville region without tax talks focused on the 10800 or so, with quality, and the pricing. ( Unit: yuan/ton) And later, the court situation is still grim, season market can keep to remains an unsolved puzzle. Is long and all the information on the investigation of terminal weaving, as of this week, overbuilt water-jet loom fabric still exists, the factory let the price in the amount is not the issue, the current order is given priority to with single and small single, see big start the trend, the pessimism is thicker; Zhejiang, guangdong area circle machine order improved markedly, most enterprises existing scheduling order, at present has both great circle machine up to 7 into nearby. But to undertake order quantity less than expected, most enterprises can only support scheduling order until mid-september. And the macroscopic surface, also will have a certain influence on the market. At the end of August and the continuous release will be tariffs to each other in years of drag on the market information to a certain extent, but at 9 am on September 5, sino-us trade and economic high-level consultation led calls on both sides, the two sides agreed to in early October in Washington, the first ten rounds of china-us economic and trade high-level consultations. Peak, a commerce ministry spokesman also said, held in early October 10th three rounds of china-us economic and trade high-level consultations will strive to make substantive progress. Late macro situation is good or bad is still unknown, but will certainly a significant impact on downstream demand, product movements. And from the raw materials trends, or will have certain boost on pure polyester yarn, PTA a giant plans in mid-september overhaul its 2. 2 million tons of equipment, and new fengming dushan energy production of 2. 2 million tons of new device now delayed to October, supply reduce anticipation, polyester factory starts gradually to ascend, PTA movements will be supported, and after early peatlands, factory inventories fell to a low generally, polyester short market prices rise to fall. But the terminal demand remains weak, operating polarization serious weaving industry, regional, scale enterprises hold orders, the starts are few orders, small micro, small and medium enterprises, construction is hovering low, even stop for a long time. And global trade disputes, a large number of foreign trade orders, has now been transferred to Africa, southeast Asia and other regions, downstream factories for afternoon wait-and-see mood heavy. Demand is weak, even if the polyester staple fiber prices, but want to pure polyester yarn, the difficulty is still relatively large. Comprehensive above, since September end demand than expected, the order quantity is insufficient to maintain the conventional varieties, and the production of the boot in the fabric of high inventory, weaving enterprise funds in tense situation change. End of a narrow warm trend of raw materials on the price of polyester yarn, but weaving enterprise operating pressure bear the upstream raw material prices, pure polyester yarn market or more is given priority to with sideways. The Mid-Autumn festival approaching, the traditional season time node of the watershed is coming, the feedback of pure polyester yarn weaving enterprises demand was dropped over the same period in previous years, 3 - 4. According to past experience, whether also can have big demand in September, there is still a concern.
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