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Pure cotton yarn market recovered, pure polyester yarn 'monkey up day is over,' textile market how? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile network

by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
In early December, each raw material, yarn price most stabilizing, local appeared the trend of rising slightly. But recently, the market atmosphere gradually restore calm, wait-and-see attitude is serious, the most disappointing performance in the market. 1, the national cotton reserves rounds into the deal less than ten percent of national cotton reserves into the third week, On December 16 - 20) Round, conversion rates continue to drop, the week plan into three. 50000 tons, the cumulative volume 0. 240000 tons, brought in 6. 79%, down 20 a week earlier. Clinch a deal 07%, the lowest price 13355 yuan/ton, the highest price 13425 yuan/ton. On December 16, among them, the highest closing for 21. Minimum sell-through rate 71%, 20, the day not clinch a deal. On December 24, XinJiangMian round into the listed number, 7000 tons, not clinch a deal. As of December 24, national cotton reserves round into the accumulative total volume 3. 6. 14 million tons, brought in 30. 37%. 2, cotton prices rose slightly recently at home and abroad, the market is generally immersed in sino-us trade economic agreements positive atmosphere within the first stage, the domestic cotton prices rose slightly, on December 24, domestic cotton price 13213 yuan/ton, 3128 b is rose 26 December 20 yuan/ton; On December 24, imported cotton price Index FC Index M price for 78. 67 cents/pound, according to the 1% tariff under the discount price is 13588 yuan/ton, a rise on December 20, 153 yuan/ton; But zheng cotton price performance slightly weak, on December 24, zheng cotton futures main CF005 closing price 13390 yuan/ton, the price falls on December 20, 10 yuan/ton. 3, pure cotton yarn more preferential shipment recently, combed pure cotton yarn market clinch a deal the atmosphere has warmed up, over a few days ago Yin down phenomenon, shaoxing C32S mainstream money market clinch a deal valence is 20200 yuan/tons, JC32S mainstream price 22650 yuan/tons, combed yarn trading is relatively weak, more favourable for shipment. On December 24, 32 s pure cotton yarn market average price 20690 yuan/ton, and on December 20th price levels. 4, pure polyester yarn market gradually insipid current, polyester staple fiber market volatile, early because of polyester raw material prices rose significantly, polyester staple fiber prices steady rise, in the market mainstream products average rose to 7070 yuan/ton, rises in 100 & ndash; — About 200 yuan/ton. Pure polyester yarn market by raw materials prices, the market mainstream products T32S average rose to 11350 yuan/ton, rose by about 200 yuan/ton, the market's overall volume. But not for long, pure polyester market is now restore calm, on December 24, polyester staple fiber market average price 6930 yuan/ton, is falling on December 20, 120 yuan/ton, pure polyester yarn market also gradually insipid, offer temporary stability as a whole. 5, cotton yarn market is still cautious, viscose staple market price stability, but the actual price performance, viscose staple markets now for an average of 9700 yuan/tons, although the price of viscose staple fiber has a history is relatively low, but the market performance is still cautious, middle and lower reaches of the market demand is still poor, cotton yarn FangQi still more people to digest inventory, back her money. Some market participants reflect current, viscose prices still not too optimistic, replenishment remains to be seen. To sum up, the current downturn in the market slightly analysis basically has the following factors: 1, from the Angle of industry, the lack of positive stimulus, sino-us trade in the first stage of the agreement has not yet formally signed, textile professionals generally lack of confidence; 2, from the market point of view, the overall inventory increases, while the downstream market actual demand is still weak, for the whole of the textile market is difficult to form a strong support. 3, from the point of time node, double festival draws near, the market atmosphere is strong, the holiday in combination with the practical situation of FangQi current, closure phenomenon has been included in the plan.
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