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by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
In the latest week, affected by India's domestic cotton prices and falling demand, cotton prices fell across India. As the yarn price is falling, Indian cotton export competitiveness is expected to increase. In the week, India domestic cotton prices fell 1 - 2 rupees per kilogram, cotton and chemical fiber prices and weak demand led to mills margins. Flower yarn prices continue to fall will eventually allow India to cotton export competitiveness. In the week, India cotton export prices rebound 10 cents per kilogram, 30 combed yarn FOB price up to 2. $55 / kg, or 4. 1%. Polyester/cotton yarn prices also rose 5 cents to 2. $35 / kg. The RMB exchange rate rebound also stimulated China's imports of cotton yarn, Indian cotton yarn exports to China in September from has bounced back, but compared to the same still fell sharply. At present, the Indian cotton company has yet to begin to purchase the crop, the reason may be that a lack of money, and India's cotton farmers income will reduce, next year's production will decline, thus stimulating the import of cotton.
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