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by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
In the latest week, Indian cotton yarn and polyester/cotton yarn export prices rebounded sharply, the reason is that Chinese demand recovery offset reduced demand in Pakistan. At the same time India cotton prices in CCI acquisition and boost exports to China increased also began to recover. In India's domestic cotton prices continue to steadily decline, 30 combed yarn FOB price continued to rise after opened up 13 cents five cents, up to 1. 7%. Blended yarn prices continue to rise, this week after week 30 blended yarn prices continued to rise after 15 cents to 10 cents, two weeks have gained has amounted to 7. 5%. Cotton export prices because import yarn competitiveness in China, China's increasing demand for imported yarn, and the rising of RMB exchange rate and reduce the cost of imports. In addition has the international cotton prices and China's cotton prices rose slightly, so India suspended exports to Pakistan cotton yarn prices did not make cotton yarn exports. Import demand driven after Chinese New Year, India cotton prices have also rebounded, S - within two weeks 6 prices 1000 rupees, CCI has acquired a lot of cotton to prop up domestic prices.
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