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by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
In the latest week ( On February 14 - 20) Indian cotton, cotton prices remain strong, cotton production is expected to substantially lower than expected, polyester staple fiber and viscose staple fiber prices slightly raised. Due to the market to reduce, ICE period cotton rebound of the crop, February 20 domestic cotton prices rose slightly, but still below the level a week ago, S - 6 spot prices fell 300 rupees, or 0. 75%. Although cotton prices strong, India domestic cotton prices began to fall, the mills to maintain are dwindling profits. Polyester staple fiber and viscose staple fiber prices up 0 respectively within one week. 8%, 0. 6%. Polyester/cotton yarn and polyester viscose yarn price stability. Indian cotton export prices, JC30S up to 3. $35 / kg ( FOB) , close to 3. Almost a year highs of $40. Polyester/cotton yarn prices rose 5 cents to 2. $80 / kg, it is the highest since June last year. Affected by the market to reduce of the crop in the next few weeks, India cotton, cotton prices is expected to remain strong. This year India's cotton output is expected to lower than expected.
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