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Preparation for the listed companies of the crop early in September Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
From 2017/18 annual listing of the crop and then there were more than a month of time. Silver cotton industry information center of hubei province from shandong, hebei and other places more than cotton processing enterprises realize that GeChang has begun to prepare for the acquisition of the crop, acquisition work of the crop is expected to begin in early September. Hebei cangzhou chief discloses a cotton processing enterprises, in order to deal with the acquisition work of the crop this year, at present the factory several processing plants have started working on machinery and equipment maintenance and update, to relevant personnel hiring and at the same time. The chief said, in September this year is going to buy work around 10, acquisition range mainly apply in local and surrounding areas. For expected price, because the overall growth of cotton this year better than last year, cotton production is expected to be improved, the cotton price may be slightly lower than last year. Another part of the enterprise, said in early September. In addition to outside the local acquisitions, also going to the foreign acquisitions. Purchases are not limited to purchase, collection also consider looking for other enterprises.
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