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by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
The pace of the Spring Festival is near, hard for a year of textile year-end summary, people are beginning to do common feedback, really bad do 2019, industrial chain longer large profits can draw with last year, small and medium-sized enterprises generally losses. Summary, enterprises are also ready to have a holiday. According to our investigation, weaving class enterprise common in lunar 10th to the 20th, cotton spinning enterprises more than a month, 20 to 29, and production time to focus on the people to the eighth day. Before the Spring Festival, cotton yarn inventory more than 20 & ndash; 30 days, cotton inventories in 30 & ndash; 60 days. For the Spring Festival after the cotton market, market participants generally bullish, reasons are as follows: since June 2018, cotton prices at home and abroad experience for over a year and a half & other; A bear market & throughout; , of which zheng cotton index dropped to 37. 8%, the cotton index fell 40%. Tumbled after there will be rose, since October 2019, with the improvement of sino-us trade relations, cotton prices fell rebound, zheng cotton rose 16. 13%, American cotton rebound start time is zheng cotton 20 days in advance, and up to 20. 8%. Cotton operation center of gravity move in & other; Buy not buy fall up & throughout; Under the influence of psychological confidence improved significantly, which in December 2019, the downstream cotton spinning enterprises and even the active inventory, booster zheng cotton period now rising resonance type, class of 3128 cotton spot up to 10. 84%. Downstream wait-and-see, under the condition of weak demand, slow start with cotton market, in late December 2019, cotton prices rose didn't officially enter the channel. Meantime, rise successively three rounds, in late December of 2019, before and after the New Year's day, in early January each round. Although can orders less than before the Spring Festival, because raw material prices continue to ascend, afternoon continue bullish, cotton spinning enterprises rised atmosphere to heat up, some enterprises first not big orders, only small orders; Some enterprises cotton yarn inventory accumulation, the night before last Spring Festival production 1 & ndash; 3 days, after will according to the inventory situation, late start 1 & ndash; 7 days. Product sales generally return to work earlier, however, in more people to the eighth day. Since October 2019 china-us trade relations improved, as the raw material prices, especially enter since December 2019, raw material prices rise faster, cotton spinning industry chain is expected to improve, cotton yarn to stock speed, cotton spinning enterprise profit to repair. Combined with the near the Spring Festival, ready for the cotton spinning enterprises to actively. As of January 19, the cotton cotton spinning enterprises in shandong district inventory available day for 45 days, some big enterprises inventory is higher, in the 60 s & ndash; 90 days, some small and medium-sized enterprises and the inventory is low, less than 30 days. At the same time, local cotton spinning enterprise cotton yarn inventory for 25 days, first positive had winter. Expect people to the eighth day, cotton spinning enterprises will gradually rehabilitation. However, logistics transportation more back to normal after the Lantern Festival. By calculation, shandong cotton yarn cotton spinning enterprises will continue to be tired, may be more than 30 days. In addition, the import yarn factors such as price rises, the central bank must boost cotton market to a certain extent. On January 16, the first stage trade agreement. As the agreement fall to the ground, the downstream order no longer on the sidelines, the Spring Festival after the order is expected to be & other; Blowout & throughout; , the cotton market is also the & other; Indian summer & throughout; 。 Although cotton prices continue to rise, but the problem is outstanding, the downstream demand a part of the intention to chemical fiber weaving enterprise products. Such as a pure cotton plant before the Spring Festival is received 70% of the foreign trade order, maintain the order to march, but serious foreign demand, in order to save costs, corporate intention to halt production cotton. In addition, the first phase of China and the United States signed agreement means that short-term ease trade friction, but not the end. Thus, although the cotton yarn market is expected to improve after the Spring Festival, also should also be cautious, for textile, good internal strength, with good hedge tools such as futures, options, to deal with trade friction late may appear again.
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